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    Jun 2002

    Primeiras fotos de KOF 2002!

    p/ quem eh fã da serie The King Of Fighters!!

    xerox da movelist tirada dos arcades de teste de kof 2002!


    Kyo Kusanagi Benimaru Nikaido Goro Daimon

    Terry Bogard Andy Bogard Joe Higashi

    Kim Kaphwan Chang Koehan Choi Bounge

    Leona Heidern Clark Steel Ralf Jones

    Ryo Sakazaki Takuma Sakazaki Robert Garcia

    Athena Asamiya Sie Kensou Chin Gentsai

    Mai Shiranui Yuri Sakazaki May Lee

    Iori Yagami Mature Vice

    Yamazaki Ryuji Blue Mary Billy Kane

    Yashiro Shermie Chris

    K' Maxima Whip

    Vanessa Seth Ramon

    Kula Diamond K9999 Angel


    The Striker system has been removed while the Emergency Evasion remains. Wire Attacks are still present but few moves have the capability.
    Four costume colours are available for each character (select by pressing different buttons).
    At the Character Select Screen, pressing Start makes the random selection appear.
    Players can choose between two different teams to fight during each CPU match.
    Players can press the BC buttons to activate their PowerMAX modes which use up one power gauge. Within this limited period of time, DMs executed will become the SDM version and players can cancel special moves into another. For example, Kyo can combo a 114 Shiki Ara Kami 115 Shiki Doku Kami 114 Shiki Ara Kami 115 Shiki Doku Kami. (Wow!?)
    The life gauge flashes when a Guard Crash is reaching. Guard Cancel (pressing CD during guard) adds damage to opponent and uses up one power gauge.
    Shingo Yabuki has become a special character who acts as a challenger somewhere in the 4th or 5th stage of the game. Currently, it is unknown if he is usable.
    The middle boss appears after the 5th stage and is either the more powerful versions of K9999, Angel or Kula.
    The final boss is Omega Rugal Bernstein and he appears to be weaker than in KOF'98.
    King, Bao, Tung Fu Ru, Lucky, Heavy D!, Brian, Eiji, Duck King, Kasumi and her father Ryuhaku Todoh, Eiji, Krauser Wolfgang, Mr Big, Geese Howard, Li Xiang Fei, Honfu, Lin, GriffonMask, Kim Sue Il, Cheng Shinzan, Bob Wilson and the Jin Brothers can be seen in the stage backgrounds.
    Although the character portraits on the movelists look weird, their winning portraits in the game are still presentable.


    Leona can transform into her riot (Orochi) mode by pressing ABC but it will use up half of her life gauge. After she wins the current round, she will return to her normal mode again in the next round.
    Orochi versions of Yashiro, Shermie and Chris are available for usage.
    Athena now has long hair and wears a waist-revealing KOF'97 style costume. Several animations of her have been changed.
    Ryo wears support gears on his arms and legs.
    Angel now wears proper pants.
    Both Kyo and Iori have new winning poses. Kyo takes off his jacket in his winpose.

    Maxima's M-4 Type Vapour Cannon is a Wire Attack.
    Clark has a new running grapple called Shining Wizard ( + A or C). His Ultra Argentina BackBreaker DM/SDM (Near opponent, X 2 + A or C or AC) animation has changed.
    Shermie has a new move called F Capitude ( + A or C).
    Takuma's Ko Ou Ken ( +A or C) behaves like Ryo's and Yuri's such that it does not fly past the screen. Also, his Haoh Shikou Ken ( + A or C) is no longer a DM and does not fly past the screen too but is a Wire Attack. His Hi En Shippuu Kyaku is now executed with + B or D and looks like Ryo's.
    Iori's Kin 1211 Shiki Yaotome SDM ( + AC) is back to the form of the riot blood as in KOF'98, where he pushes his opponent onto the ground and slaughters him. He no longer can cancel his Ge Shiki Yumebiki ( + A).
    Mai's Hishou Ryuuenjin (i.e. summersault) from KOF'98 is back.
    Chang has the Haki Kyaku move (i.e. Kim's + B or D) which causes an earthquake.
    Benimaru has his Benimaru Koreda move (Near opponent, + A or C) returned.
    Terry has his Power Charge ( + B or D) returned and also his infinity. (Luckily they've found this bug now~)
    Oppenent burns in flames when hit by Joe's Tiger Kick ( + B or D).
    Ralf's Vulcan Punch is executed by repeatedly pressing A or C.
    Kim's Hishou Kyaku (In air, + B or D) is back to his Fatal Fury/KOF'94 style. He can cancel his 2-hit Close Standing C. Some of his move animations have been changed.
    Kula's Ice Coffin (Near opponent, or + C) has become stronger.
    K9999 has a new move named Kudakero! ( + B or D).
    Ryo's Zanretsu Ken ( + A or C) has auto guard feature and his Kohou ( + A or C) follows the KOF'98 style.
    Athena's Psychic Teleport ( + B or D) has faster recovery time.
    Angel's chain moves have been changed in several areas.
    Vanessa has a new move named Forbidden Eagle ( + A).
    Robert's Ryuugeki Ken ( + A or C) and Jump CD animations have been changed.
    Mature's movements have become slower.
    In Leona's riot mode, she can juggle her opponents with the Moon Slasher ( + A or C) after her heavy down kick.
    Mai's fans in her Kachou-Sen ( + A or C) come out faster.

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    Dec 2001

    Muito bom isso

    Adoro a serie KOF, fico feliz em saber que eles ainda vão continuar com a serie

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    Dec 2001

    Sux, tiraram o Heidern de novo
    Mas pelomenos botaram o '97 Team de vorta...


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    Jan 2002

    KOF rlz a lot

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