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    Feb 2003

    [PS3] ZegoGame Project - Emuladores para o PS3

    Ainda não instalei, vou precisar formatar o HD pra criar uma partição pro OtherOS.


    The Zerogame Project is an easy-to-use emulator environment running on your Playstation 3 under Yellow Dog Linux allowing you to relive some of your favorite classic videogames using your HDTV and DualShock3.

    After installation, users have a nice user-friendly game menu from which to choose the console and game they want to play. Games will automatically be scaled to the maximum size of your screen without messing with the game's native aspect ratio. Quitting the game you're playing and returning to the game menu is as simple as a press of the PlayStation button on your controller.

    Players don't need to worry about configurations, command line prompts or dealing with anything else once the installation is up and running.

    Screenshots and video previews are supported so you can get a preview of the games on your list before starting them up.

    What do I need?

    • Yellow Dog Linux 6.2 freshly installed on your PS3
    • A working internet connection
    • An HDTV that supports 1080p or 720p (480p/i and 576p/i support in the future)
    • A wired USB keyboard
    • One or more Sony Sixaxis/Dualshock3 controllers

    How do I install zerogame?

    1) Format your PS3 hard drive and allot at least 10GB of hard drive space to OtherOS. Create a backup, format and restore the backup afterwards if you don't want to lose any PS3 data. You will need an external USB drive for your backup, if you need to do one.
    2) Download and burn the Yellow Dog Linux v6.2 ISO to a DVD
    3) Install the Yellow Dog Linux bootloader to the PS3
    4) Install Yellow Dog Linux v6.2 to your PS3 with the default options
    You can disable Office & Productivity software set for faster installation of YDL.
    5) Boot into Yellow Dog Linux.
    There is no need to create a user. Firewall can be enabled or disabled, makes no difference.
    6) Once post-installation setup is complete and you are at a graphical login screen, swap to a terminal (Ctrl-Alt-F1) and login as root and type in your root password.
    7) Run the following command to update YDL to fix the Bluetooth bugs:
    yum update && reboot
    8) Run the following command to download the zerogame script
    wget http://thezerogameproject.com/releas...me-0.50.tar.gz
    9) Decompress the tarball using the following command:
    tar zxvf ./zerogame-0.50.tar.gz
    10) Make the installation script executable with the following command:
    chmod 755 ./install-zerogame.sh
    11) Run the script with the following command:
    12) Follow on-screen prompts
    13) Reboot before use

    How do I use zerogame?

    After the installation and once the PS3 has rebooted, you'll need to put your ROMs in the correct places for Wahcade to find them. At this time, the directories are preset and aren't changable without directly editing the .ini files for each system. (See http://bugs.zerojay.com/show_bug.cgi?id=7 for more info.)

    At this point, here is where zerogame expects the ROMs to be:

    Atari Lynx: /home/zerogame/gamefiles/roms/lynx/
    Gameboy: /home/zerogame/gamefiles/roms/gb/
    Gameboy Advance: /home/zerogame/gamefiles/roms/gba/
    Gameboy Color: /home/zerogame/gamefiles/roms/gbc
    Sega Genesis/MegaDrive: /home/zerogame/gamefiles/roms/gen/
    Game Gear: /home/zerogame/gamefiles/roms/gg/
    Master System: /home/zerogame/gamefiles/roms/sms/
    MAME: /home/zerogame/gamefiles/roms/mame/
    NES: /home/zerogame/gamefiles/roms/nes/
    FDS: /home/zerogame/gamefiles/roms/fds/
    TG16: /home/zerogame/gamefiles/roms/tg16/
    SNES: /home/zerogame/gamefiles/roms/snes/
    Wonderswan: /home/zerogame/gamefiles/roms/ws/
    Wonderswan Color: /home/zerogame/gamefiles/roms/wsc/

    You'll have to move or copy your ROMs there manually. Make sure that the ROMs are readable by the zerogame user as well.

    Read more: http://www.ps3news.com/PS3-Linux/zer...#ixzz0fdneeQDs

    YouTube- Emulation on the Playstation 3 made easy with The Zerogame Project 0.50 (phat only)

    YouTube- Zerogame Project Preview - Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter (Arcade MAME)

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    Jan 2005

    Uma pena que tem que formatar, da muito trabalho pra quem ficou mexendo num Wii a madrugada inteira por exemplo AOUEHAOEHoiuaHE
    Ainda mais que semana que vem já pego MAG, mas mesmo assim é uma ótima iniciativa, quero ver alguém do fórum testar isso ae

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    Aug 2002

    Se eu instalar isso lá em casa perco não só o controle remoto da TV como também o do VG.
    Será que roda no Ubuntu?
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