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    Jul 2003

    Mappers, como faço isso aqui???

    queria por uma arma para q qualqier um possa usa-la
    aquele tipo de amrma em tripe como a .50Cal
    segui essas instruçoes
    mas nao da certo olha ae
    1. The first step is, of course, to build the brush model of the gun. It can be anything you like, although normally you'd want it to look like some type of gun. It is important to note that an origin brush must be included in the construction of the gun.

    An origin brush is a brush covered in the ORIGIN texture. Any entity that rotates absolutely *must* have an origin brush as part of their makeup. For more information on the origin brush, go here.

    Note: the func_tank brush model must be built facing east (to the right in the top view). Later, when you turn it into a func_tank, you will set the actual facing of the gun in the game by setting the angle value of the entity.

    2. Turn the brush model into a func_tank. Select it, and setup its properties.

    · Name (targetname) - The gun must have a unique name. This will be used to control the gun through the func_tankcontrols (see below).
    · Target (target) - The Name (targetname) of an ambient_generic should be specified here. This will be the sound the gun makes when fired.
    · Master (master) - You can specify a multisource or game_team_master here.
    · Render Properties - these allow you to change the rendering properties of this entity.

    · Yaw Rate (yawrate) - This is the speed of the left/right movement of the gun. For a fast feeling, a value of 600 is good.
    · Yaw Range (yawrange) - This is the range of left/right movement in degrees.
    · Pitch Rate (pitchrate) - This is the speed of the up/down movement of the gun. For a fast feeling, a value of 600 is good.
    · Pitch Range (pitchrange) - This is the range of up/down movement in degrees.

    · Barrel Length (barrel) - This is the length from the center of the origin brush to the tip of the barrel.
    · Barrel Horizontal (barrely) - This is the horizontal distance from the center of the origin brush to the center of the barrel.
    · Barrel Vertical (barrelz) - This is the vertical distance from the center of the origin brush to the cetner of the barrel.
    · Flash Sprite (spriteflash) - This is the sprite that will be appended at the end of the barrel when the gun is fired, sprites/muzzleflash2.spr for example.

    · Sprite Scale (spritescale) - Use this to set the scale of the sprite, if the default size is not to your liking.
    · Rate of Fire (firerate) - This is the rate of fire per second.
    · Damage per Bullet (bullet_damage) - Set the bullet damage here.
    · Persistance (persistance) - This is the firing persistance of the gun. This is really only useful for non-user controlled turrets (see below). This will make the gun continue to fire for a moment after the player leaves its visibility range, rather than being instant on/off.

    · Bullet Accuracy (firespread) - Set the bullet accuracy here.
    · Bullets (bullet) - Set the bullet type here.

    3. You will also need to set a flag in the Flag properties of the func_tank. For a user controllable turret, all that needs to be checked is the Controllable flag.
    4. Create a func_tankcontrols entity just behind the func_tank. Set it to target the Name (targetname) of the func_tank.
    5. Place a clip brush over the func_tank so the player can't accidentally interfere with its movement. This may require a bit of tweaking until it is just right.

    Copyright 1996-99, Valve, LLC. All rights reserved.

    se alguem conseguir me fala

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    Jul 2003

    nao sei o q tinha errado
    refiz tudo denovo e deu certo

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    vo tentar tb


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