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    Review PC Gamer US: 98%

    Mais uma review... dessa vez foi a PC Gamer US, que deu nota 98% pro jogo. Bem respeitável


    PC Gamer US Scores Half-Life 2 at 98%

    So, the best score yet for Half-Life 2 rolls in and everybody couldn't be higher. What with CS:Source being released tonight (a review will follow shortly), it seems as though everything is falling together. Not to mention of course that CS:Source is very good. There are already thousands of people that have purchased Half-Life 2 this evening and not a single one of them is likely to be disappointed. IokesI over at the Gamespot Forums has received his copy of PC Gamer US today and they have scored Half-Life 2 a whopping 98%, bringing the average total of the print reviews up to an amazing 95.4%. Here's his forum post:
    Just got my copy: Rating: 98 percent!

    Pros - "Everything: Graphics, plot, gameplay. Its what experts have been predicting for this medium"

    Lows - "Squadmates sometimes get in your way; low res textures in huge outdoor scenes"

    "Valve has forged the framework for the next generation of games, demonstrating what our medium can and should be able to accompolish"

    "An exhilarating entertainment that can emotionally move you one moment, kick ******* the next, and keep you immersed the whole time."
    So, what are you waiting for? Want to play this amazing game as soon as it's released? Want to play CS:Source right now? Log on to Steam and purchase, we're in for some good times.

    Update: Jess Cliffe of Valve Software has confirmed this information to be true in this post.

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