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    Feb 2004

    HLTV Help !!

    ae galera to precisando do programa HLTV

    preciso gravar umas demos de uns camp que eu vou jogar aqui numa lan house quem sabe onde tem o arquivo ae coloca o link aqui !!


    ps: já procurei no google
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    May 2001

    o HLTV no 1.5 vinha junto com o CS.. tinha um HLTV.exe e um readme explicando, era bem fpacil

    Usando o google cheguei aqui: (Senão entender inglês use um progarma de tradução)

    How do you get SourceTV on your server:
    1. At least book a server 15 min before the match starts.
    2. You should fill out the form correctly, so everyone else knows who's playing and in which ladder/league.
    Select Counterstrike: Source. A pop-up will be shown with the information of the right server settings (tv_enable "1").
    4. Your server IP:
    After setting up your server right you type tv_status in the console and you will see the right IP for SourceTV. For example(our server):
    rcon tv_status
    --- SourceTV Status ---
    Online 10:11:14, FPS 233.4, Version 2844 (Linux)
    Master "ROFLs 04 TV ", delay 90
    Game Time 10:09:44, Mod "cstrike", Map "de_dust2", Players 0
    Local IP, KB/sec In 1.1, Out 3.0
    Local Slots 1, Spectators 0, Proxies 1
    Total Slots 11, Spectators 0, Proxies 1

    There you see the IP where the SourceTV has to connect to (here: Local IP
    Normally its like the server IP with the port 27020 if if no other port is forced.

    5. Now you have to name a password. With this one I'm not sure what it will mean. I think its unnecessary and its just there because of CS 1.6.
    SourceTV doesn't need any password to connect as a relayproxy on a gameserver if tv_enable is set to 1.
    Maybe it's the password to join SourceTV. I don't know.

    Now you just have to have for your match and SourceTV will connect on time. The IP and PW is still changeable after booking. At the control panel you can change it. And there you can delete the PW. If did it always because I had no idea what be effect my setting the PW. Hopefully hltv.org don't cut my head off for this.

    There are a few settings that makes SourceTV nicer. But I don't know and I haven't found any rule according to these settings here.
    I would like to know if its allowed to change these values because they will be change right on the gameserver (e.g. tv_snapshotrate??).
    Nearly all specific SourceTV settings needs to be made on the gameserver. The relayproxy that connects only submit the match.

    For a list of all SourceTV commands type '(rcon) cvarlist tv_' in the console.
    Or look here: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/w...nsole_Commands


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