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    Jun 2002

    Originalmente enviada por [CsC]ThE KinG
    1. Galil (Terrorist Only)
    Manufacturer: Israeli Military Industries
    Cost: $2700
    Overview: Israel made this weapon to compete with the AK-47 on the battle field, this weapon actually costs less than the already cheap AK-47. Currently the Israeli's "official" weapon, this weapon holds 32 5.56mm NATO rounds, compatible with the M4A1. Gearbox describes the weapon as like the AK, only heavier and thus more accurate.

    2. Fusil Automatique, Manufacture d'Armes de St. Etienne (FAMAS) (Counter-Terrorist Only)
    Manufacturer: Groupement Industriel des Armements Terrestres
    Cost: $2500
    It will cost less than the M4A1 and its alternate fire will be burst fire (a three-round burst). A three-round burst fires three rounds faster than the auto-mode can fire the same amount, but has a delay between bursts. This is the official weapon on the French GIGN and will likely play that role in the single player side of the game. It holds 25 5.56mm NATO rounds per clip (the same round that the M4A1 uses).

    3. Ballistic Shild IIIA (Counter-Terrorist Only)
    This item will block small arms fire (pistols, shotguns, sub-machine guns) and slow down high-caliber rounds to a point where they're not as deadly. The shield will take a primary weapon slot and will be bundled with the FN FiveseveN pistol. The shield will usually cover the front of your body while you peer through the small window, but when you move to fire your pistol, the shield will be moved to the side


    Huahuahauhauhauahuahuaa, esse KinG eh fánatico hauhauhauhauah

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