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    Jan 2003

    Steam ganhará update nessa semana


    Uma boa notícia para os jogadores de CS, Erik Johnson da Valve confirmou a CS-Nation que essa semana irá liberar um update para o Steam 2.0 e conseqüentemente CS1.6 beta, vários bug's serão corrigidos e algumas novidades adicionadas, confiram abaixo as palavras de Erik junto com as mudanças que o Steam/CS 1.6 beta sofrerá.

    Erik Johnson:
    We have a few changes planned for the coming week of the Steam beta.
    The first will be an update to Steam itself, which you will see in the form of a progress bar as soon as you launch Steam. This will fix some issues relating to the Friends network.
    The next update after that will be focused mainly on Counter-Strike, the details of which you can find by either right clicking on CS in your Game list now and clicking on 'Update History'.
    There are a number of other issues we're working on that have been reported here and via e-mail. We'll let you know our progress on these issues in the coming days.
    And here's the official changelog.

    » Updated version of de_airstrip. Another route added from the CT spawn point.
    » Updated version of de_aztec.
    » Updated version of de_piranesi.

    Bug Fixes
    » Fixed the smoke grenades while spectating, now will work in all modes, including the overview map.
    » Fixed not being able to drop the C4 as a terrorist while holding a shield without dropping the shield first.
    » Fixed shield bullet penetration bug. Bullets will not penetrate the shield under any situation.
    » Fixed exploit where you would be hit in the shield and then be invincible to fall damage.
    » Fixed crosshair dissapearing if you switched to a different weapon while holding a deployed shield.
    » Fixed bug that would give you armor if the damage you took was really low.
    » Fixed wrong player animation from being played while holding a shield and throwing a grenade or swinging the knife.

    » Fixed shield bullet penetration bug. Bullets will not penetrate the shield under any situation.

    Sabia que tinha coisa errado nessa parte, eu já consegui a proeza de dar um HS mesmo o cara atrás do Shield

    Mais Down, ebaaa hehehehe

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    Jul 2002

    rox, mas espero q n tenho q pegar tudoo de novo, espero q seja um arquivo menor q so atualiza

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