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    Nov 2002

    Pular atirando - DOD 4.0

    Ai Galera, vejam abaixo algumas novidade (pelo menos pra mim foi) sobre a tão esperada nova versão... tá em inglês e não estou afim de traduzir/resumir... vi no site www.dodhq.net:

    4.0 Jumpshoooting and whatnot...
    Posted By: OFM at 3:55 PM EST | Source: DoD France

    Here is the announcement by [DoD]Molotov_Billy:

    Sorry to ruin all your practice, thats the risk you take playing a mod I guess. Things tend to change pretty drastically between releases, that's the freedom we have - and thats why mods tend to be so successful. We can take risks that paid developers/publisher can't..

    Jump shooting is something we never wanted, but never had the ability to take out until now. We'll see how it works, how it effects the game. You may find that it makes sniping a more challenging and rewarding experience, who knows. If everybody hates the additions, then we'll take em out in 5.0. That's how it works..

    By the way, updated artwork and brits are NOT the only things going into 4.0


    Answering a fan:

    Will we be able to shoot while :

    1. going prone (aka instaproning, no its not a script)
    2. climbing a ladder
    3. crawling
    4. jumping (actually here you can fire after you jump, but its been said in another thread that that is coming to an end, or at least it was indicated that it will be dealt with)
    - Shane[CoJ]



    I quick ran a game of 4.0, I couldnt do any of those things, unless there's some sort of trick. If I was firing the thompson, I couldnt even go prone. If I sprinted, it stopped firing.. same with ladder (Though I dont see how thats an issue, who the hell fires going up a ladder? )


    Goodness gracious maybe the 56k users now can have a real chance against broadband jumpshooters... Way to go!

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