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    Mar 2003

    Tutorial NATURAL-SELECTION completo (Ingles)

    Pra kem manja de ingles, esse tutorial da uma FORÇONA pra vcs!
    Bem to decidindo deixar aki no forum da HardMOB pq eu acho que tem mto n00b que visita aki e ta começando, entao vc, n00b, etc, que ta aprendendo e manja de ingles le issu.
    By Pizza Guy.

    1. Intro
    1.1 What is Natural Selection?
    Natural Selection is a Mod, short for MODification, for VALVe Software's game Half-Life. It is Multiplayer Only, so you need a good connection to play. Natural Selection takes a First-Person Shooter, crosses it with a Real-Time Strategy game, and adds a Sci-Fi atmosphere. In this game, each team must capture resources, build up and guard their home bases, establish new bases, and ultimately destroy the opposition's base. It is what one would expect to see if they could play StarCraft first person.
    2.2 The Heads-Up Display (HUD)
    The HUD consists of everything on your screen that is not an object in the
    game. All the information displayed there is vital to you, regardless of team.
    Here's a quick breakdown of the info displayed, divided by team.
    Top Left Corner - Weapon Selection
    Top Center - Team Resources and the current Commander
    Top Right Corner - Minimap, shows current position and nearby corridors.
    Bottom Right Corner - Ammo in Weapon/Reserve Ammo; Weapons/Armor
    upgrades; Jetpack/Heavy Armor upgrades; Jetpack
    Bottom Left Corner - Current Health and Armor levels; Current Location
    Top Left Corner - Weapon Selection
    Top Right Corner - Hive Status, shows Hive construction, Hives under
    attack will flash red, unbuilt hives will be grayed
    Bottom Right Corner - Current Upgrades/Available Upgrade Chambers;
    energy remaining.
    Bottom Left Corner - Current Location; Current Health and Armor levels;
    Current Resource Amount
    Circles on HUD - Hive Sight*, acts this way:
    White Circles - Friendlies and Hive Locations
    Red Circles - Friendlies under attack
    Yellow Circles - Parasited Enemies
    Orange Circles - Wounded Friends/Enemies**

    This may seem like a lot of information, and it is. However, it is not
    overwhelming, and will become second nature after a while. Now it's time to
    talk about the Pop-up Menu. Right click and hold, and a menu comes up. As
    long as you hold down the right mouse button, you can move the mouse to select
    various commands. The most important commands for the Marines are the various
    radio commands. For the Kharaa, the most important commands are the upgrade
    *Will be discussed in the Kharaa Section
    **Requires Scent of Fear


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    2.3 Voice Communications

    The built in Voice Communication system in Half-Life works just as well
    with Natural Selection as it does any other mod, and is extremely useful. You
    can talk with teammates and defend yourself at the same time, making this far
    superior to the normal text chat. The setup for voice chat is in the Half-Life
    folder of the Start Menu, and is simple to set up. Just bind it to a key,
    either during the game with the console command "bind key +voicerecord" or in
    the menu. I suggest Caps Lock myself, as it is close to the WASD keys. For a
    microphone, I highly suggest getting a headset microphone. Not only does this
    capture sound better than a boom mike, the headset gives you 3D sound. Think
    of it as a poor man's surround sound system. Once you hear a Skulk behind a
    wall to your left, go around the wall and kill the Skulk, and emerge unscathed,
    you will never play with desktop speakers again.

    2.4 How Armor Works

    It is a common misconception that Armor is just extra health. This is
    wrong. Armor will absorb a certain amount of damage, and that amount will be
    taken off the Armor total. The remaining percentage will be taken off the
    Health total. Here is an example: You are a Fade, with all the Carapace
    upgrades. A Marine comes around with a Light Machinegun and hits you twelve
    times before you punish him for his insolence. An LMG does 10 damage per hit.
    120 damage has been inflicted on you. Assuming you have full health and armor,
    your armor will absorb 60% of this damage. Your Armor will fall by 72 points.
    However, your Health will take 40% of the 120 damage. Your Health will fall
    by 48 points. So remember, just because you have a lot of armor, you are not
    invulnerable to everything.

    2.5 How to remove the title of "n00b." (AKA: How to be a good player)

    Very simple. Don't do anything stupid. Listen to advice from others, and
    play. Don't whine, and you will prove yourself to be a good player! However,
    this is a little vague. Let me be a bit more specific.

    1. Don't spam messages. Any messages. Period.
    2. Don't swear constantly. Especially over voice chat. You sound like a
    whiny and drunk Drill Instructor. Except you can't swear as well.
    3. Don't whine or beg. This immediately marks you as a poor player. I
    know you want that big gun, and you will get it eventually. Until the
    commander decides to give you one, you won't get it. And don't whine
    about the teams constantly. Think of it as a target rich environment.
    Bottom line: Don't be like PETA and whine about something that won't
    get changed anytime soon.
    4. Don't say anything racist or biased over chat. No, I am not gay, and
    neither is reloading my weapon. An action does not have gender.
    5. Don't do anything to deliberately hurt your team. It is your job to
    hurt the other team.
    6. Don't get any form of cheat or hack. This is just pathetic. Go get
    a life. If you need to cheat in a game, stop playing and go do
    something constructive.

    I'll add more "don'ts" as I remember them or they get sent in.

    3. The Teams

    This is where Natural Selection sets itself apart from other mods. Each of the
    teams have wildly different methods of play. You CANNOT use the same tactics
    as a Frontiersman that you did as the Kharaa. Does. Not. Work. You must
    adapt, and work as a team. Loners cannot win in this game. Now, onto the

    3.1 The Frontiersmen (AKA Marines)

    This team is made up of humans, and do not have classes per se. They do
    not have a builder unit; instead, they must rely on a single player acting as
    Commander, who has an overhead view of the entire battlefield, to supply
    weapons, buildings, and upgrades.

    3.1.1 Frontiersmen Equipment

    The Knife - 30 damage per swipe, unlimited ammo.

    Now, you may think that this weapon is useless, and you would be correct.
    In most cases. However, this weapon is ideal for killing Kharaa all Kharaa
    structures, except for Offense Chambers or Hives. Heck, if you are good
    enough, you can kill Skulks with no problem. I bow to your skill if you can
    perform this feat.

    Pistol - 20 damage per shot, 10 rounds per clip, 30 extra rounds max.

    Ahh, the Pistol. One may also assume that this weapon is useless, and you
    are partly right. However, this weapon is DEAD accurate, and with 20 damage
    per shot, one clip will kill a Skulk. However, don't even think about killing
    a Fade or an Onos with this. They have way too much armor for that.

    Light Machinegun - 10 damage per shot, 50 rounds per clip, 250 extra rounds max

    Your default primary weapon is a good one. Like the manual says, best
    used in groups. This weapon is good against all classes except Onos, if in
    groups. It fires quickly, reloads quickly, is accurate, and looks cool. What
    more is there to say? However, the Heavy Machinegun is superior.

    Shotgun - 16 damage per pellet, 10 pellets per shot, 10 round magazine, 50
    extra shells. Costs 20 resources.

    This weapons is obtainable only after the Armory is constructed, and when
    the commander spawns one for you. This weapon is death for any light class,
    and can eliminate Fades if used correctly. As a shotgun, the closer you are,
    the more damage you do. This weapon can do 160 damage per shot, and that will
    put a Fade down with two or three hits. Beware, this is a pump action weapon.

    Heavy Machinegun - 20 damage per shot, 150 rounds per clip, 225 extra rounds.
    Costs 25 resources.

    Time to break out the big stuff! This requires an Advanced Armory, but is
    worth the wait. This gun dishes out tons of damage at a fast rate. This is
    my weapon of choice against any Kharaa, except an Onos. And even the dreaded
    Onos will die if you attack in groups. The downside of this weapon is the slow
    reload, and the shortage of extra ammo. 225 rounds seems like a lot, but you
    will burn through it quickly. Also, this weapon will slow you down some, so

    Grenade Launcher - 200 splash damage. 4 rounds per clip, 30 extra rounds.
    Will damage you if too close! Costs 32 resources.

    Indirect Artillery is good. That is what the Grenade Launcher provides,
    when an Advanced Armory is around. Each grenade is capable of killing a Skulk,
    so it is safe to say that nothing is invulnerable to the power of this gun.
    *UPDATE: Buildings can apparently take damage from grenades, contrary to what
    the official manual says.* Also, you will take damage if one of your grenades
    lands at your feet. Despite these flaws, this weapon is fully capable of
    clearing out a room, or ridding yourself of that
    one Lerk in the rafters.

    Welder - Unknown damage to hostiles, heals friendly units and structures.
    Costs 7 resources.

    This becomes available when the Armory goes up, and should be issued
    liberally. This is vital to your success, as buildings don't heal themselves,
    and armor is not affected by medikits. The welder can kill enemies, though I
    suggest you use it on structures, not on a Fade. This will replace your
    pistol, so be careful not to pull this out by accident in a firefight.

    Trip Mines - 100 splash damage, 5 mines max. In weapons slot 2.

    These can be a blessing and a curse. They can be put on walls for a laser trip
    mine, or on the floor for a contact mine. They can put an assault on hold, but
    a pesky Fade can set these off with Acid Rockets or Bile Bombs. Use with

    Heavy Armor - 200 Armor points standard, absorbs 95% of damage. Costs 25

    This becomes available with the construction of a prototype lab, and must be
    researched. A Frontiersman equipped with this can take massive amounts of
    damage and emerge unscathed. Combined with HMGs, Grenade Launchers, and most
    importantly, Welders, a squad of Marines can plow through most defenses. This
    armor does restrict movement, so you move SLOW. Don't expect a hasty retreat
    if you are overwhelmed. However, this will not be a problem too often.

    Jet Pack - Gives a rocket pack to the wearer, cost 9 resources.

    This will give you a kick in the pants, when used correctly. The Jet Pack does
    what it advertizes. 'Nuff said. Oh, don't be too far off the ground when you
    run out of gas. The gas does recharge, though.

    3.1.2 Frontiersmen Buildings

    Buildings must be built by your teammates after the commander plops one down,
    so remember to hold the use key to assemble the building. It is USELESS

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    Command Console - Cost: 30 resources. Health: 10000.

    This is the key to Frontiersman victory. Think of it as the construction
    yard in Command & Conquer. If this goes down, and you do not have a spare, you
    just lost. Protect this at all costs! This is where the Commander sits. To
    become Commander, go up to this and hit the Use key. Only one person may be
    Commander, so only one Command Console may be in use at any time. Construction
    of a spare in a secure location is recommended. The Commander can immediately
    spawn health and ammo packs, as well as all basic structures. This is also a
    favorite target of an early skulk rush, so beware.
    Allows: Infantry Portal, Resource Tower

    Infantry Portal - Cost: 15 resources. Health: 2000. Must be placed near
    Command Console.

    This is the second essential building for the Frontiersmen. This small
    pad is where Marines will respawn after death. If no Infantry Portals are
    left, nobody can respawn. Defend these as well as the Command Console. Also,
    you may want to build more than one, as bottlenecks can develop if there are
    too few portals.
    Requires: Command Console
    Allows: Observatory, Turret Factory; Armory

    Resource Tower - Cost: 22 resources. Health: 5000.

    This is the third essential building for the Frontiersmen. This can only
    be placed on a resource nozzle, so be on the lookout for these. These will
    give some resource points every so often, so it is good to have a lot.
    Resources are life in this game. Without them, the team will wither and die.
    Requires: Command Console

    Armory - Cost: 25 resources. Health: 2400. Upgrades to Advanced Armory.

    This structure allows the Commander to spawn weaponry for his Marines.
    It also allows any Marine to get free ammo for his chosen weapon by holding
    Use. This structure can also be upgraded to an Advanced Armory for 35
    resources. This allows the Commander to spawn heavier weapons for the Marines.
    All weapons must be dropped near the Armory.
    Requires: Infantry Portal
    Allows: Adv. Armory, Shotguns, Trip Mines, Welders
    (Adv. Armory): Heavy Machine Gun
    (Adv. Armory and Arms Lab): Grenade Launcher

    Observatory - Cost: 25 resources. Health: 1000.

    The Observatory is a structure that should be built near any strongpoint.
    It reveals all nearby enemies, even those who have cloaked. They appear as a
    blue circle on every Marine's screen. More importantly, they allow you to
    research Motion Tracking. Motion Tracking allows a Marine to see the location
    of every Kharaa, as long as it is moving. This has unlimited range, so is
    quite useful. The Observatory also allows the construction of Phase Gates, and
    the use of Distress Beacon. For 15 resources, you can summon EVERY Marine back
    from the dead. Very useful, and under-used.
    Requires: Infantry Portal
    Allows: Phase Gates
    Research: Motion Tracking
    Abilities: Distress Beacon

    Turret Factory - Cost: 25 resources. Health: 3000. Upgrades to Advanced Turret

    Turret Factories are the base structure for the Frontiersmen static defense
    system. These allow the construction of sentry turrets, and with 30 resources,
    upgrades to the Adv. Turret Factory. This allows you to build the best way to
    take a Kharaa strong point: the siege cannon.
    Requires: Infantry Portal
    Allows: Sentry Turrets, Siege Turrets (with Adv. Turret Factory)

    Phase Gate - Cost: 20 resources. Health: 3500.

    Probably the only structure not likely to be destroyed by the Kharaa when
    they take a forward base, the Phase Gate allows any player, Marine or Kharaa,
    to travel instantaneously across the map to another Phase Gate. This should be
    built as soon as possible, to allow instant reinforcement of a forward base, or
    of the main base. Beware, if the Kharaa take one intact, recycle it before a
    herd of Fades come to pay you a visit. Also, if three or more gates are built,
    you will teleport between the gates in order. If you step on Gate 1, and you
    want to go to Gate 3, you are teleported to Gate 2, then to Gate 3. Simple,
    yet effective.
    Requires: Observatory

    Arms Lab - Cost: 40 resources. Health: 2200.

    Think that Light Machinegun doesn't have enough kick? Want better armor?
    Then build the Arms Lab! Not only does this allow the construction of Grenade
    Launchers, this allows the Commander to upgrade Marine's armor and weapon
    strength. This also allows you to build the Prototype Lab.
    Requires: Armory
    Allows: Prototype Lab, Weapon and Armor Upgrades.
    Upgrades: Lv.1 Lv.2 Lv.3
    Armor 70 90 110
    Damage Absorbed 40% 50% 60%
    Heavy Armor* 230 260 290
    Weapons 10% 20% 30%
    Cost 20 40 60

    *Heavy Armor always absorbs 95% of damage, and upgrades with normal armor.

    Prototype Lab - Cost: 45 resources Armor: 2000

    The final base structure, the Prototype Lab allows the research and
    building of Heavy Armor and Jetpacks. That's about it.
    Requires: Arms Lab
    Allows: Heavy Armor, Jetpacks (Must be Researched first)

    Sentry Turret - Cost: 19 resources. Armor: 1000. Damage: 27 per hit.

    This automated turret keeps those pesky Skulks out of the base. It fires
    quickly, and does a good amount of damage per hit. It won't keep a Fade out,
    but it will slow him down long enough for a squad of Marines to show up. The
    turret has a 360 degree field of fire, but can only pitch up or down about 30
    degrees. Don't expect to cover a ceiling vent with a turret placed under it.
    Requires: Turret Factory

    Siege Turret - Cost: 25 resources. Armor: 2000. Damage: 750 for structures,
    350 for any Kharaa near the hit.

    This is what you want to use when attacking a Kharaa strongpoint. It is
    pretty useless for base defense, as it will not target units. However, it will
    target structures, and will fire through walls. It has good range, and does a
    lot of damage. If you get three set up in range of your target, all you have
    to do is go in and mop things up.
    Requires: Adv. Turret Factory

    3.1.3 The Commander

    The Commander is the key to the Frontiersmen gameplan. Without a good
    Commander, the team will easily be overrun by the Kharaa. The Commander is the
    only person who can place a structure, upgrade weaponry and armor, give orders,
    or give out weaponry and equipment. He uses a set-up similar that should be
    familiar to anybody who has played a Real-Time Strategy game. The main
    difference is that your "units" are other Marines, controlled by real players,
    who may not like your orders. Most players; however, will follow your lead,
    and you should help them out when you can.

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    Placing a Building - This is your first job as a Commander, and it is
    relatively easy. Just left-click on the Building List, and drop a building
    when you have a green highlight around it. Remember, at least one Marine must
    build it for you, so don't spam a herd of sentry turrets and expect an area to
    be secured. Also, certain buildings must be put in certain places. Infantry
    Portals must be placed in range of the Command Console. Likewise, turrets
    must be placed near a Turret Factory. This range is shown by a green circle.
    Also, be careful not to put something on an unreachable ledge, or a catwalk,
    when you wanted it on the ground. If you do this, or you are running short on
    resources, you can recycle the building to get some resources back, and to
    remove the offending building.

    Supplying Your Fellow Marines - An equally important job, YOU are the sole
    supplier of equipment to your fellow teammates. To get superior equipment, you
    must build the prerequisite buildings, then select the item you wished drop,
    and drop it. Also, you can drop ammo clips and health packs to fellow Marines.
    A health pack is the only way for a Marine to restore lost health, and a Welder
    is the only way to restore ammo. Very simple, but equipment is a constant
    drain on resources, as people will get killed, and will lose all those shiny
    HMGs and Jetpacks they were begging for. However, an equipment upgrade is a
    one-time expenditure. Just click on the building that has the upgrade, and
    research it. Heavier armor, more powerful weapons, and Motion Tracking are
    ALL very useful. And even if the Arms Lab or Observatory goes down, the
    upgrades stay the whole game.

    Issuing Orders - Now this is where the Commander gets to command. To select a
    teammate, either click on someone, or click and drag a box around a group.
    Then, right click on a place, a new structure, or an enemy. The former will
    issue an order to proceed to the waypoint. The second will issue an order to
    build the building at the waypoint. You can also select your teammates, then
    drop the building. The order will be given automatically. The third will
    issue an order to attack the target. When an order is given, a blue symbol
    will appear to guide people to the waypoint.

    3.2 The Kharaa

    The Kharaa use a Class based structure, and have a builder unit to build
    their bases. They have less buildings, yet are no less complex than the
    Frontiersmen. Each player must pick his own class upgrade and Chamber upgrades
    using his own resources. The Kharaa pool their resources, so a Resource
    Collector gives the resources to everyone. The more players on your team, or
    the fewer Collectors, the slower the resources come. Also, you can see every
    player on your team via Hive Sight. Think of it as a built in wallhack. If an
    enemy is parasited, or is seen by one of your fellows, you can see him as well.

    3.2.1 Classes

    Skulk - Cost: FREE! Health: 70 Armor: 10 (30% Damage Absorbed)

    The basic class, you start out as one. Very quick and agile, and can walk
    on walls.
    Bite - 70 Damage
    Parasite - Permanently tags an enemy to the Hive Sight.
    Leap - Damage varies, jump forward a long distance
    Xenocide - 400 splash damage, 2x vs Structures, kamikaze attack

    Gorge - Cost: 13 resources Health: 100 Armor: 50 (30% Damage Absorbed)

    This is the builder class, and recieves more resources than the other
    classes. This is the only class that can build buildings.
    Spit - 22 Damage
    Healing Spray - Heal friendly players and structures
    Web - Create a web that can trap enemies
    Spawn Babblers - Make weaker versions of Skulks.

    Lerk - Cost: 33 resources Health: 60 Armor: 50 (30% Damage Absorbed)

    This is a support/sniper class, and should not be used to attack the enemy
    outright. Use the Umbra and Spore Cloud to support an assault, and snipe at an
    enemy with the Spikes
    Bite - 50 Damage
    Spikes - 16 Damage
    Umbra - Protective cloud around nearby friendlies.
    Spore Cloud - 36 damage, large radius.

    Fade - Cost: 44 resources Health: 200 Armor: 90 (30% Damage Absorbed)

    This is the main assault class of the Kharaa, and is good at melee combat,
    ranged combat, and indirect bombardment. Using the Blink ability, you can go
    around defenses and attack from behind.
    Swipe - 80 damage
    Acid Rocket - 40 damage, 2x vs players
    Blink - Teleportation
    Bilebomb - 80 damage, 2x vs structures, arcing fire.

    Onos - Cost: 70 resources Health: 500 Armor: 150 (30% Damage Absorbed)

    The best way to describe this class is to call it a tank. The Onos can
    take withering amounts of firepower, shake it off, then kill all of its
    attackers with ease.
    Gore - 120 damage
    Paralyze - Paralyzes foes for 6 seconds
    Charge - Variable damage, faster movement.
    Primal Scream - Energy boost for all nearby Kharaa

    3.2.2. Buildings

    The Gorge is the only class capable of building any structures. Several
    of the various Chambers provide three upgrades as well as providing their
    services. The upgrades are mutually exclusive, and will be documented by their
    respective chamber.

    Hive - Cost: 80 resources

    The Hive is the most vital structure on the Kharaa side. Without any
    active Hives, you will start to die slowly. Each Hive provides health, armor,
    respawn points, Hive Sight, and one type of Chamber. You can have a maximum of
    three hives, and each boosts your total resource amount by 1/3, all the way to
    a max of 100 resources. The only exception to that is a Gorge, who always has
    100 resources.
    Abilities - Hive Sight - Acts as a wallhack, lets you see teammates and
    parasited enemies.
    Healing - Just stand by the Hive, and it will heal you.

    Resource Chamber - Costs 22 resources

    This gathers resources, and distributes them to all of your teammates.
    Simple enough, just remember that Gorges get a bigger share. It's like a
    Communist government: They're all equal, the Gorges are just more equal than
    the others.

    Offense Chamber - Costs 14 resources.

    This is your form of a static base defense. Build lots of these, and back
    them up with Defensive Chambers. This will form what is commonly called a
    "wall of lame."
    *UPDATE* You can also stack these towers by building another tower on top of
    one. This trick is intimidating, and is very effective. Double the firepower
    for half the space is always good. Just remember that grenades will do more
    damage to this setup than a normal double row of chambers.

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    Bem esse topico ta ficando GRANDE D+ pra ficar postando, pq so pode postar 10000 letras por vez e o post tem 56000 de letras, entao vo deixar o link...
    Fiquei com medo pois eu peguei de um site de cheat, mas n liga num pq eu procurei por "Half-Life" e deu nisso.


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