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    Nov 2002

    Pra quem quer comprar um FX5600 pra jogar HL2

    The FX5600, though priced in this range, does not have the same value as the Ti4800SE or the Radeon 9500. The poor anisotropic filtering quality in Unreal Tournament 2003, texturing and other driver issues make it unattractive to some users (general users may not even notice these issues). If you're one of the many people waiting for Half-Life 2, I would suggest waiting until the outstanding issue of anti-aliasing on the FX chipset is resolved. However, if you're looking to buy an NVIDIA product that performs decently at 1024x768 with DirectX 9 support, the FX5600 is a fair choice. Just be aware that anisotropic filtering quality and/or the state of NVIDIA drivers may not be as good as you would like (hopefully that can be fixed with a driver release). Please so your research before making a decision.

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