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    Oct 2000

    Desbloqueador de multiplicador para AMD XP

    The Speed Strip™ Model SSA-1 was designed specifically to unlock the AMD Athlon™XP CPUs, based on the Thoroughbred and Barton cores. The goal is to make the process as simple as possible without requiring any special skills. The Speed Strip™ Model SSA-1 unlocks the multiplier without having to make any permanent modifications to the CPU itself. Installation of the Speed Strip™ SSA-1 is simple and fully reversible. The Speed Strip™ SSA-1 works in conjunction with motherboards that provide multiplier and bus speed adjustments in the bios, unlocking the true power of your CPU.
    Requirements for the Speed Strip™ SSA-1

    Before installing the Speed Strip™ SSA-1 on your AMD Athlon™ XP processor, locate the label on the chip, as shown below, and be certain that the model number starts with AXDA. Once you've confirmed your processor is an AMD Athlon™ XP based on either the Thoroughbred or Barton cores, you are ready to install the Speed Strip™ SSA-1.
    Installation of the Speed Strip™ SSA-1 is simple. When you view your processor, as shown below, simply align the strip over the pins of your AMD Athlon™ XP processor. The Speed Strip™ SSA-1 will fall into place. When aligned properly, the Speed Strip™ SSA-1 should slide to the base of the pins without any pressure or resistance. Once you are ready to insert it into the motherboard, slowly flip the processor and the strip should stay in position. Once the CPU has been inserted into the socket, press firmly on the corners of the processor and lock it into position.
    Performance Example

    Below is a typical scenario that shows the gains that are possible when overclocking your system with the Speed Strip™ SSA-1:

    For this example we used an AMD Athlon™ XP 2400+ processor with 266MHz Front Side Bus. This processor is locked to run at 2000MHz (multiplier of 15 x 133MHz bus). After we installed the Speed Strip™ SSA-1, the processor reported a speed of 665MHz (multiplier of 5 X 133MHz bus) on first boot, defaulting to the lowest available multilplier. This is normal behavior and a sign that the Speed Strip™ SSA-1 is working. Through trial and error, we found the best multiplier setting for this system to be 12.5 with the bus set to 177MHz. This resulted in an increase in CPU speed from 2000MHz to 2250MHz, a gain of 250MHz or 12.5% and an increase in overall bus speed of 44MHz, a 33% gain.

    By unlocking your AMD Athlon™XP with the Speed Strip™ SSA-1, you can easily increase your CPU and bus speeds to enhance your system’s overall performance.


    Alguem tem como comercializar no Brasil ?

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