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    Oct 1999

    AMD Sempron Socket A pode realmente ser baseado no core K8

    Ainda não é oficial, mas saiu no Inquirer essa matéria que indica que o processador eh realmente baseado no Core K8, e que um simples upgrade de bios o tornaria compativel com a maioria das placas mãe no mercado.

    Olha q isso eh uma OTIMA noticia, ja que o Athlon64 (k8) tem um IPC (instructions processed per clock) bem maior que o Athlon XP (K7)

    Anyway, agora falta confirmarem pra gente, pq isso vai dar um puta folego pra plataforma Socket A.

    Segue aqui a matéria
    GOOD NEWS FOR all Athlon XP and Duron owners and people who love Socket A is that this platform is about to stay with us for quite some time.
    The Duron of the 21st Century, an Athlon 64 with 32 bits capability enabled and 256KB cache will be enabled for Socket A, used in many shipping boards.

    Most of the motherboard manufacturers actually are strengthening this market segment as they know that the K7/K8 value era is about to come. AMD will kill all K7 Athlon XPs but will replace them with Sempr0n K8 derivates.

    The good news is that only a BIOS update will enable Sempr0ns to work on current Socket A boards, perhaps not all but I guess the majority of them. We suspect that you need FSB 400 to have those CPUs work as all K8s are working at FSB 800 or should we say 200 MHz. Yes we know that Hypertransport is AMD's FSB these days.

    The Sempr0n Socket A will work at 2500+, 2600+ and 2800+ for starters.

    We said last week that these speeds 2500+, 2600+, 2800+ in Athlon XP variation have reached their EOL – End of Life cycle while faster will remain for some time.

    Now it seems that Via was not crazy after all with its KT880 chipset or Nvidia with its Nforce 2 Ultra with S-ATA and Gbit LAN Southbridge as this platform will live. Platform will be powered with different CPU cores, but who cares as long as you can sell the board and make millions of upgrade users happy.

    If you are an Athlon XP owner you will have a nice opportunity to upgrade. We can not wait to see how this Sampr0n 2800+ will go against Athlon XP 3200+. µ

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    Apr 2001

    Sei não...
    Duvido muito que a AMD vai usar o conhecimento do K8 nesses processadores. Acho que só iria adiar o que tanto desejam que é o povo migrar pro Athlon 64. Iam dar muita sobrevida pra um core que eles desejam que morra.
    Enfim, só chegando no mercado mesmo que vamos saber.

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