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    Apr 1999

    ForceWare 65.62!

    Ontem eu lí num site algumas "impressões" de beta-testers da nVidia sobre o novo ForceWare 65.62:


    I've been talking back and forth to a driver tester for nVidia and he has spat back some results of a beta 65.xx driver that is in his possession. Now you can take this as a grain of salt or otherwise. I'm here to be the medium for him to share what his results are of this driver on his test system he uses for work. He also sent me 2 files along with the excel file of 3DMark03 and the results listed below. The 2 files are one from 65.05 DLL and the other from a pre-alpha 70.01 DLL. Check out below for his results of the 65.xx driver over the official 61.77 forceware driver:

    AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3200+ (226FSB)
    512MB RAM @ 452MHZ @ 11-3-3-2
    ABIT NF7-S V2.0 MOBO
    DX 9.0b
    NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT 256 MB
    SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio
    Aqui tá o link para o arquivo com as DLL's e alguns benchs: http://www.3dchipset.com/temp/proof.zip

    Algumas perdas e ganhos no UT2k4... Mas ganhos bacanas no Doom 3 e no 3Dmark03

    56.3fps - no aa no af 61.77 final official release
    49.0fps - no aa 16 af 61.77 final official release
    22.7fps - 8x aa no af 61.77 final official release

    58.5fps - no aa no af 65.xx BETA dated july 04
    52.6fps - no aa 16 af 65.xx BETA dated july 04
    24.5fps - 8x aa no af 65.xx BETA dated july 04
    Pois bem. E agora é "fresquinho": BETA DRIVER 65.52 RELEASED!

    Alguns comentários:

    - OpenGL driver atualizado de 1.5.1 para 1.5.2;
    - Nova entrada de registro: NvCplEnableOGLAccel;
    - Games em OpenGL realmente parecem estar "mais rápidos".

    Links para download: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=847

    Já tô instalando, vou jogar e volto com impressões.

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    Apr 1999

    XP [email protected]00+ - 2210Mhz
    640MB RAM
    nForce2 - Shuttle MN31N
    eVGA GeForce FX 5900SE @ 420/800

    CP settings: Quality - all optimizations enabled

    61.77 - 37.7k
    65.62 - 38.2k

    Doom 3 timedemo (first run/second run)
    - 1024x768 AF4x (forced in game cfg)
    61.77 - 35.8/39.8
    65.62 - 37.7/40.2

    - 800x600 AA2x AF4x (AA forced in CP, AF forced in game cfg)
    61.77 - 41.5/45.8
    65.62 - 43.5/48.2


    Also noted lack of 3 dll's:
    nview.dll Desktop management hook library - 61.77
    nvshell.dll Shell namespace extension library - 61.77
    nvwdmcpl.dll Desktop management control panel applet - 61.77

    All other files are 65.62

    Like Wmc90 said, there's a new optmization, or maybe a "separation" of optization anisotropic filters. Now, we have mip filter and sample optimization. But, weird, even with MIP FILTER enabled in "global bla bla bla settings", the settings for games still off... The other two optmizations still on.

    Even with optmizations on, the IQ still rockz! Maybe the best i've ever seen.

    But, weird², when I choose High Quality in CP, disabling optimizations, I have 5 to 10fps loss in Doom 3 timedemo This also happens with other driver.

    And weird³, when I choose Quality in CP, enabling optimizations, the performance rockz but the Anti-Aliasing option in-game don't work. I have to enable AA 2x in CP to have this in-game.

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