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    Jul 2004

    Big Typhon

    Tava dando uma olhada no xtremesystems.
    Parece que o povo que fala mal da TT ta na hora de rever os conceitos.

    "Hey guys.

    As many of you know I was one of the "cursed", it took 9 Winnies to get a few good overclockers and had to buy these from 'lucky' previous owners. Anyways, just got a TT Big Typhoon in and at first glance thought, no way this thing will work... it's too big, too heavy and well...just..damn. I was using the XP90 with Silent Cat 9 (have tried other fans) and this CPU I have was used on water at 2.8 Ghz @ 1.6v. I had no luck breaking 300 x 9 and to prime I needed 1.58v, even though gaming and everything else was stable at 1.53v.

    So I get this huge thing installed on the DFI Ultra-D. Which by the way I had to replace the back plate with another one I had since the stock DFI one is too short (the posts). Damn DFI. Anyways, applied AS5 installed the new cooler and hit the power. I'm still playing but I've never been able to Super PI 32M above 300 HT and certainly never above 300 @ 1.53....

    Like I said I'm not done with this chip seems there was more than the XP-90 could give me...and it's dead silent!"

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