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    Oct 2004

    Alguem testou os novos Drivers Nforce Remix ?

    Alguem ai testou esses novos drivers Nforce Remix ? lembrando que o mesmo é somente para plataformas Nforce1 e Nforce2, Achei no guru3d, e antes de instalar gostaria de saber se alguem ja testou.

    nForceRemix 2.5.1

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    Version: 2.5.1
    Publisher: Andrew Robinson - planetnvidia.com
    Date added: 2005-09-23 05:50:41
    File Size: 9 MB
    OS Support: Windows 2000/XP (standard 32 bit)
    License: FreeWare
    Downloads: 4880 downloads
    Software type: Mainboard drivers - NVIDIA

    Publisher Description

    Windows 2000/XP - This remix package is primarily for users of the NVIDIA nForce1 and 2 Platforms.

    Not tested on any other platforms. It contains all of the latest drivers for the nForce1 and 2 platforms only! If installed on anything other than an nForce1 and 2, you may have problems, so install at YOUR OWN RISK!

    File Versions:
    1. NVIDIA AGP drivers v4.40
    2. NVIDIA Ethernet drivers v4.71
    3. NVIDIA ForceWare drivers v78.03
    4. NVIDIA SW IDE drivers v6.21
    5. NVIDIA Memory Controller drivers v4.40
    6. NVIDIA SMBus drivers v4.50 (WHQL)
    7. NVIDIA SoundStorm drivers v4.64 (WHQL)
    7.1. NVIDIA NvMixer v4.51

    Important Information:
    If you have previously had problems with the NVIDIA SW IDE drivers, then during the installation process, when asked if you want to install the driver, select ‘NO’. Doing so will cause windows to use the standard Microsoft driver provided with Windows. The NVIDIA SW IDE driver is not required for normal device operation.

    Uninstall Information:
    Please use the Uninstall icon on the start-menu, this will initiate an uninstall of my drivers from the system and the installation files, you will also be asked if you want to uninstall the drivers installed on the computer, if you don't wish to do this click on the cancel button and only my drivers directory in 'Program Files' is removed.

    Disclaimer Notice:
    I am not a programmer. I do not claim to be. These drivers are not programmed by me. I made changes to the inf files at max. This driver collection is not from NVIDIA, they probably wouldn't support it if you asked. I take no credit for any copyrighted material within. This is a collection of other files as of this day are publicly available on the internet somewhere or another. This was designed first and foremost for my use to simplify installation of separate components. I, more anyone else but you the user, are not responsible for anything you do with this.

    Copyright Information:
    All contents of this package and any further packages and/or updates contain files which are copyright of their respective owners or by mean, unless other expressly stated.

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    hardMOB Staff - Moderação
    AEHOOO o/
    Nov 2000

    putz tem desses pra nf3???

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    Jan 2003

    Uso faz tempo aqui e nunca tive problemas...

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