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    Apr 2002

    Como fazer isso no meu Terayon TeraPro?

    Ae to tentando conectar na Battle.net e não consigo, ai vi que da conectar fazendo isso que o cara falow no forum la da bnet... mas como eu faço essa parada?

    Finnaly on bnet away around ip banning | 12/17/2002 7:14:06 PM

    I was wrongfully accuse of hacking or something. My brother was kick off of starcraft heh. If you use cable and they use an ethermac connection this mean that a different ip address will lead to a different ip. Now here is the catch, if you use a router and are able to clone you mac address flip the last two letters and click apply. you may have to change the mac address it back but it comes up with a new ip. on linksys the ip address to get into the router is and most others. some are no username is need. the default password for linksys is admin. good luck all.

    post reply for success.

    Thanks to your forum idiot lawnworm


    Vlw, se alguem puder me ajudar

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