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    Dec 2002

    Corsair Announces Hydrocool Water-Cooling Product Family

    lol tinha postado a noticia errada agora vai a certa
    Corsair Announces Hydrocool Water-Cooling Product Family

    Fremont, CA, March 20, 2003: Corsair Memory, Inc., an industry leader in ultra-performance DDR DRAM modules for gaming and overclocking applications, has announced the development of a new high efficiency external water cooling unit for performance computing enthusiasts. This product is designed to provide up to 200 Watts of cooling while significantly reducing fan noise.

    The first in a family of cooling products, the HydroCool200 uses patented cooling technologies from Delphi Thermal Systems, the world's largest manufacturer of liquid-based cooling systems. Corsair, using Delphi's unsurpassed expertise in thermal physics, has engineered a feature-packed product that sets new standards in water cooling integration and performance.

    The heart of the system is the copper cooling block which removes heat from the processor. Though very small and light, the block contains enhanced microchannel surface technology using Delphi-patented technology. The microchannels present a huge contact area between the liquid and metal, providing outstanding thermal efficiency.

    The microprocessor-controlled unit offers a multitude of monitoring services, many of which are user definable. These monitoring services include alarms when temperature thresholds are reached and different cooling levels depending on temperature. The unit has a carrying handle and self sealing quick connectors for transportability without having to bleed the system when reconnecting.

    The Hydrocool comes with retention brackets for both the P4 and K7 CPUs, as well as a visual flow meter to check water movement. The user can read the temperature of the cooling block from a large display on the front on the unit. The unit is also built for quiet operation; in normal circumstances the unit runs in a barely-audible "whisper mode". When the processing load demands more power, the Hydrocool automatically switches to "Turbo mode" for full cooling capabilities.

    "Corsair is very pleased to be working with a world-renowned industry leader such as Delphi. PC enthusiasts worldwide are eager to move to this next level in thermal system performance." stated John Beekley, Corsair's Vice President of Marketing.

    "The result is one of the most advanced, and based on benchmarking, the highest performing liquid cooling systems on the market today," said Ray Johnson, Global Business Line Executive, Delphi Thermal Solutions.

    Further information on this product can be found at www.corsairmemory.com/main/hcv1.pdf and at www.asktheramguy.com. The Hydrocool 200 will be available from Corsair resellers in mid-April, 2003.

    About Corsair Memory
    Corsair Memory, a member of JEDEC, has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high speed modules since 1994. We have earned our reputation as being the first to market with leading-edge products supporting new computing platforms and technologies. Corsair supplies memory for applications ranging from mission-critical servers to ultra-high performance gaming systems. The performance and reliability of Corsair memory products makes them ideal for the high bandwidth internet infrastructure.

    About Delphi
    Delphi is a world leader in mobile electronics and transportation components and systems technology. Multi-national Delphi conducts its business operations through various subsidiaries and has headquarters in Troy, Mich., USA, Paris, Tokyo and São Paulo, Brazil. Delphi's two business sectors - Dynamics, Propulsion and Thermal Sector and Electrical, Electronics, Safety & Interior Sector - provide comprehensive product solutions to complex customer needs. Delphi has approximately 192,000 employees and operates 171 wholly owned manufacturing sites, 42 joint ventures, 53 customer centers and sales offices and 32 technical centers in 41 countries

    More information on Corsair is available at www.corsairmemory.com.

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