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    Dec 2002

    Radeon9600Pro dando show

    Review da HardOCP -> http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NDY0LDE=
    show de bola...botaram o core do bixinho a + de 550mhz ficou quase uma 9700pro

    "Needless to say, we were shocked by the incredible overclocking ability of this graphics card. With a stable core frequency of 567MHz, we were operating the card no less than 167MHz above the default frequency! With a simple movement of the slider within the drivers, the card was suddenly given an almost 50% increase in core frequency. Given the card's already high frequency, this is certainly an impressive accomplishment. "

    "In terms of memory frequencies, it seemed as though the card had ample room to improve here as well. By default, the memory on the Radeon 9600 Pro was running at an effective frequency of 600MHz. As we saw in the review, the memory modules seen on this card are rated for 700MHz. Therefore, we were not surprised to see the card easily reach 700MHz and continue onwards. In fact, the memory modules ran completely stable up to a final frequency of 716MHz! With these memory frequencies combined with the insane core frequency, we were sure to see some dramatic improvements in the benchmark results. "

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