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    Aug 2003

    Problema no Login ------> Error:Unknown ------>Correção aqui!!

    Pelo que entendi o AA esta atualizando os dados pessoais dos jogadores.

    Foi criado um novo sistema de Autenticação.

    Vc tera que entrar nos links abaixo e atualizar o E-Mail.

    Eu mesmo tive problemas com um dos meus nicks....perdi 5 pontos de Honor em um deles.

    Pra quem domina o Ingles... abaixo o texto na integra.



    Posted: 2003-10-31 - by Ace

    The new authorization system has now been activated. We realize that during this massive transfer and merge of data, a few player accounts may have been altered or are missing from the database. We are dedicated to getting these accounts fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

    Getting "Error:Unknown" when trying to log-in through the Personnel Jacket?

    First, try these 2 fixes:
    Go to: http://login.americasarmy.com/login.php and log-in. (can't log-in? - go to #2)
    Once you are logged in, go to 'change profile' and add your current email address, then hit 'OK'.
    Try to log-in through your Personnel Jacket again.

    Go to: http://login.americasarmy.com/expired.php and enter either your 'username' or your email address that you signed up with.
    A new random password will be generated and sent to your email that is associated with your player account. Check your email and use that new password to log-in here: http://login.americasarmy.com/login.php and then update your profile.

    If these 2 fixes did not work, then read below:
    If your account is inaccurate or you do not think it is in the new auth database, please email here and we will update your account as soon as we possibly can - [email protected] - Please include your account username, password, and your email address that you signed up with (or your current email address). Also, let us know what you think is inaccurate with your account.

    We will be verifying that what you told us in the email is accurate with your old account in the old auth database - so do not try to falsify any of your old account information. We will be updating player accounts manually, so please be patient. Feel free to create a new account in the time being. We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused our players.


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