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    Feb 2003

    Battlefield 1942 na CPL Summer 2004

    Uma notícia que pode animar a comunidade que gosta de bf, foi confirmada a presença de bf na cpl summer 2004, um dos maiores eventos de jogos do mundo. A premiação será de 50.000 dólares!!!.

    Só lembrando esse evento será em São Francisco(EUA), e no Brasil é realizado uma das etapa qualificatória para o evento nos EUA.

    It seems that the CPL have proven that they listen to the community by following through with there polls, and giving the winner of the polls a place at the CPL summer 2004 Championships. That would be none other than Battlefield 1942.

    The prize purse for this competition will be 50000 dollars, with the main sponsor yet to be announced. The official format of the competition has not been released yet; whether they choose to run the tournament in the full 10 player mode has yet to be decided.

    This decision comes as a slightly controversial choice, when you look at the 3 other tournaments being run at the summer event, these being all First Person Shooters (Halo, UT2k4, and CS), meaning that the RTS community is completely left out.

    A little more respect should be showed to the CPL after proving that they were not swayed by anyone’s critical opinions, opening up a new poll for games that had been left out on the first one, on of which was BF, and choosing final game for the event solely one these results.

    source: CPL Summer 2004

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