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    Oct 2001

    Mapa novo chamado Trench Toast!

    GameSpot talked to Marty Stratton of id Software today about the upcoming multiplayer demo of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Activision's popular World War II shooter. According to Stratton, the demo will be released tomorrow, and it will include the beach map from the previous demo, which includes the basic multiplayer and stopwatch modes, as well as Trench Toast, a brand-new map that features the checkpoint mode. The new map will also be available to download for those who own the full version of Wolfenstein.
    Trench Toast is a terrain-based map that features lots of fortifications and sniper positions, as well as a number of canals and trenches for players to use as cover. The new map supports far more players--up to 32--than the original checkpoint map included in Wolfenstein, and it features lots of hidden areas and a wide-open style rather than the streets featured in the other checkpoint map.

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