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    Feb 2003

    Mods do Doom3

    Vi isto num forum gringo. Nao sabia que estavam planejando fazer mods do DooM!

    Some Doom 3 mods

    Shadowing Hate - no website yet - Doom3World Forum Post
    Shadowing Hate is a futuristic total conversion game project from Violation Entertainment using the Doom 3 engine, focusing on bringing an entirely new gaming experience to Doom 3 players, straying from demons and zombies, it will no longer be visually recognisable as Doom 3. It will push technical boundaries a lot further than vanilla Doom 3, utilising the very best of what the engine has to offer for a variety of different environments and features. The project will also have a high-detail release, containing the original high-resolution textures and models.

    You step into the boots of an elite cybernetically modified operative, Adin Vallick, under the control of a secretive military division, sent on a mission to uncover, steal from and devastate the most advanced enemy robotics and weapons development and production sites on the planet.

    Violation is a single player mod for doom3. You begin your journy as a marine in the year 2070. A group of scientists in the year 2AD 3042 (After the Return of Christ) have finally found a way to create a time machine. The time machine was closely guarded, with only the best security and lacking nothing. But once word got out that scientists have created an actual working time machine, almost every world leader jumped at the oportunity for Salvation. They were all planing to go back in time and correct their mistakes. But government agencies were not the only ones who jumped at the oportunity, Gurrila forces, and High profile gangs and millitias also wanted the control over the machine.

    One day, the team of scientists lives were threatened by a leader named "убийство". He was one of the most notorious mob leaders of his time. He held the scientists hostage, but many of their lives didnt last long. убийство quickly gained access to the time machine, from that day on, your life was in danger, your frineds life was in danger, Everyones life was in danger, and everyone who ever existed, and will exist, all thier lives are now in danger.

    убийство's fighting men did not know fully how to function the machine, because they executed many of the creators who held valuble information. They had done some reasearch on the geneology of their rival mobs leaders, and they found out that you were the origin of the chain of family that leads to the rival leader nine decades later. Their objectives are to kill you, and all your contacts. You will have personal goals like, travel through time, and save lost friends and family, some official buisness you will have to take care of, like prevent the creation of the time machine. But ultimatly, stay alive.

    With the time machine in your hands, you never know where you might end up, it might be D-Day, it might be the fall of russia, or mabey in a different Dimension.

    This mod will feature new weapons, models, maps, and a whole different Revolutionary style of gameplay.

    I created this story line, and I read over it, and Im exited myself. I truly cant wait untill this is done. But I need some help on it. I need some good texture artists, mappers, and sound artists. I can do sound, and mapping and texturing and modeling all myself, but, that would take to long, and it wouldent be the "Quality" work that I want it to be. I mainly specialize in modeling. So if you are an experienced modeler, mapper, texture or sound artist, or a web disigner and would like to help out, please email me at [email protected]

    and please visit www.cyberdane.cjb.net < that is my site, It has some of my models in the "Media Index" section which you can check out, and im hoping for some of them to be in the mod.

    the Nameless - no website yet - Doom3World Forum Post
    Hi, I anounce my TC, it will be called "the Nameless" I'm finishing the script, and I'm doing some maps, plus the models and textures (that I think are the most time consuming part of the game-making)

    It all starts when aour player wakes a day ina a big ofice, with a gun in the hands, and with a corpse next to him. He recovers, and suddenly the secretary enters... then all begins...

    I'm focusing in the game play, and in the IA of the characters, I would like to create partners and it would be great if you could control them... but I won't be able to code a thing without the final game comes out. so now I'm just doing the art part and some maps....

    Here's some preview of my player model... you can see waitinguy next to him



    As you can see I'm just at the beginning.. I'm doing a weapon.. a desert eagle 5.0 (I'm so original! )
    I think I won't use normal maps, because I think it's time consuming, and only for eyecandy.. so maybe I won't use them....

    What I would like to see in the final game, is if monsters detect you depending of the shadows. Because I was thinking about using the shadows smartly so maybe to gain access to some parts, you have to "create" shadows, the idea is to make some use of the lights a la Splinter cell...

    Dungeon Keeper - no website yet - Doom3World Forum Post
    Hello, me and other guys are making a doom 3 mod called "Dungeon Keeper" it's based on the dungeon keeper series that were released a long time ago, it was a really cool game so now we are kinda porting it to the doom 3 engine to make an awesome mod, with great visuals and addictive gameplay, well, right now we could use all kind of help, you can check the mod out at: http://mods.moddb.com/2149/?view=all
    the website is on the works, if you want to join post your e-mail and what can you do, we have 2 modelers, a public relations guy, a webmaster and a coder, but we can still use all the help we can get. Thank you and good bye .
    The leader's e-mail is:
    [email protected]

    Balloon Bop / Smash Ball
    Singleplayer Details

    Balloon Bop Mode

    - Object is to keep the ball/balloon airborne as long as possible.
    - Score is based on length of time balloon is kept in the air.
    - Score bonuses for hitting special targets in hard-to-reach areas of the map.
    - Three (3) chances per round: Balloon can touch ground three times before round ends.
    - There are three (3) rounds per match.
    - Map progression is based on score: You must reach a map's target score in order to advance to the next level (thanks Feffer).
    - Each level will consist of 2 or 3 similar maps (stages)--and each stage will have increasingly difficult terrain or obstacles and challenges to overcome (thanks K, S, F and Feffer).
    - Physics/balloon characteristics will be modified after each round to increase difficulty.
    - Special targets in the map for powerups and physics modifiers... that is, you have to earn powerups through skill and take risks by attempting to get them. These target areas will be hard to reach (probably hoops or some area/object you have to make the balloon pass through in order to get the bonus. Difficulty in getting these bonuses is added by forcefields in their vicinity that propel the balloon in either a random direction or towards the floor.
    More details on their site.


    Dragon Ball Z Mod

    Ghost: The Extermination

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    Feb 2003


    Operation: Takedown
    Operation : Takedown is a Single-Player modification for the upcoming and eagerly anticipated game, Doom III. The mod is focused on realism, mixing fast-paced Counter-Terrorist action and heart-stopping stealth-based gameplay to provide and fresh and unique gaming experience for FPS fans.

    You play the role of both CT operative James Francis and silent spy 'Eos' throughout the game. Whilst the ideal gameplay mode for each character is recommended, the level design will allow for multiple ways of completing a particular mission.

    The mod will feature:

    - a large CT arsenal to choose from
    - unique missions comprising of multiple maps
    - intense Single-Player gameplay driven by an immersive storyline
    - ultra-realism; no HUD to rely on, various damage points, realistic stamina

    OpTD is a revival of an old mod originally designed for Half-Life, and a few team members are still loyal to the project, which began in early 1999. Utilising the amazingly powerful Doom III engine, OpTD will be able to render incredibly detailed maps and models and provide hours of realistic counter-terrorist and pure stealth action.

    Alone in the Dark - no website yet - Doom3World Forum Post
    I wanna a make a remake of the old Alone in the Dark, I'm working in the models now, and with the textures, but in the moment I have nothing!
    There are some screens up in the Doom3World Post

    Zombie Nation
    The year is 3002 and the UFLF (United Factions Liberation Force) have been wiped out by the opposing forces of the UNOE (United Nations Of Earth).

    The Victorious UNOE then proceeded to gather their resources to fund government projects aimed at quarantining the nuclear wastelands and poisoned landscapes left behind after a long brutal war and pick up the pieces of their shattered countries that have been bombarded and laid to waste by nuclear and bio-logical warfare that has taken place for the latter half of the 29th century.

    Several decades passed as the Nations repaired their territories and bought order back to their people’s lives. Consequences of the war crimes committed by both sides of the conflict have resulted in the air being poisonous and 70% of the planets surface being un-inhabitable and a dead wasteland roamed by creations of mass radiation poisoning.

    Due to the dangers created by the war the nations agreed on constructing colossal dome shaped fortresses inhabiting vast quantities of the nations population and garrisoning the majority of each of the nations military forces into each dome designated for the nation who constructed it.
    More on their site.

    SpliTTer: The One
    SpliTTer: The One
    is a Teamplay Horror Modifikation for doom3 featuring tactic and rpg elements


    Its the year 987 AD The new millenium rapidly approaches. Corrus a simple man is haunted by bad dreams At the same time 8 other religious men dream of the same nightmare.

    In 991 AD fate brings them Together and they plan to prevent these Horrors from ever coming alive. After 9 years of intense study of the occult, they perform a strange ritual, ecactly, before the shift to the new Millenium.

    1001 9 men got killed by the Inquisition, for their abnormal interest in the occult...

    1972, Patrike Landau, a rich and bored man, gets hold of the documents, these 9 men created during their research. He immediatley gets interested in the Occult, but unlike his predecessors, he aims to awaken these nightmares and initiates a cult, called "the one"

    Its the year 2000, the Game starts with a simple ANTI Terror Mission in the Year 1999 A Fanatical Group called "THE ONE" trys to summon a almighty demon. During the Ritual, a accident happens, because the Securetec Anti Terror Group (SAT) disturbs the Cult during their incatations. A big explosion kills all of the Cult and Black Hawk, member of the SAT and Harald gets touched by the strange looking Explosion

    Some Years Later, Ghost haunt the World and demons walk the streets To protect the ppl the French Company Securetech initiates The Securetec Paranormal Division (SPD) The old Team is joined by Sergei Nitzev a scientist Famous for his Paranormal Researches and -9 a Artificial Lifeform

    admin forums

    Storyline playable in SP/MP/COOP
    Trigger Based Gameplay
    Unique Characters with Unique Skills
    Different Visions
    Research and Build Abilities
    Spezialised Weapons
    Paranormal Abilities
    Skill System
    Voicetrigger System
    Dynamic Music

    Disturbed Peace - no website yet - GamingForums Post
    I'm starting a new mod for Doom 3. It's a class-based, modern warfare multiplayer mod where countries, reguardless of current polical standing go head to head in combat.
    It'll have realistic weapons for those countries, and for the first beta, it is planned to have the UK vs USA. But more countries will be added in the future.

    We are currently looking for the following positions:

    Web Designer
    Player and Weapon Modellers
    Player and Weapon Skinners
    Player and Weapon Animators
    Sound engineers
    Texture Artist

    Or anything else which you think can help the mod out.

    If your interested, please state what you do send one or two sample images of your work (apart from coders) to [email protected] or ICQ: 108058072

    Also could you state an estimated amount of months/years experiance, and the programs you use.

    Thanks TPBin
    e os url dos sites que ja tem:

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    Jun 2003

    Hhauehauehau.... Bom tópico. Mas pelo o que eu conheço da galera, a maioria naum vai ler por preguiça

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    Apr 2003

    Originalmente enviada por JoHn |)3V1L
    Hhauehauehau.... Bom tópico. Mas pelo o que eu conheço da galera, a maioria naum vai ler por preguiça
    Eu li

    O "enredo" desse projeto de mod ae ultrapassou todos os limites do retardamento mental

    vale a pena ler pq eh hilario


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    Dec 1999

    q loko vai ter generations hoho

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    Jun 2000

    Acho que todo jogo é assim. o que já vi de mod anunciado pro hl2, por exemplo.... aí no final muitos deles ficam só na idéia, sabe como é..

    Um site que tá animal (onde o pessoal já destrinchou o alpha) é o doom3world.org, que até é citado aí nesses textos... tem de tudo lá, desde referência dos scripts usados no alpha até executáveis pra preview dos complexos shaders do d3 e inúmeros tutoriais. É o único site onde tá tendo discussão técnica de verdade sobre o jogo, creio.

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    Apr 2002

    Me lembro Bid For Power

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    Aug 2003

    Nossa hein.

    Q treco horroroso.

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