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    Knight Online Free Trial

    Dear New Knight Online e-Gamers,

    Below is the Press Release for a new Trial Server that will be release.

    Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia’s premier online games portal, e-Games is proud to announce that a fabulous new server has been created specially for newcomers to the exciting world of Knight Online. This new server will launch on Tuesday, 10th August 2004.

    The new server, called Carnac after the world that the warriors and magicians of Knight Online wage their epic battles in, will only exist for a limited time only. So if you want to test drive the thrilling Knight Online experience but aren’t willing to fork out your cash, because you don’t know what it’ll be like? That’s okay! The free Carnac server is for you!

    Both old and new members of e-Games can play on the free Carnac Knight Online server and you don’t need to worry about e-Games Point balance. No e-Games Points will be deducted for the use of this server. But keep in mind, since this server is for beginners to gain their footing in the Knight Online world, the level cap has been set to Level 40.

    Players joining the free Carnac Knight Online server must take note however, that no character transfers are allowed from this server to the P2P servers. Events like the Lunar War, Siege War and Dark Lunar War will not be held on this server and several other features will also not be available. Additionally, the database will be reset every fortnight on Tuesday for server maintenance. Remember, this server is only for new players who want to try out Knight Online.

    The policy for this server can be referred to at http://www.knight-online.com.my/policy_roc.asp and players are reminded that the Terms Of Service (TOS) is still in effect on this server. Violations to the TOS may result in banned or suspended e-Games accounts.

    So been itching to try out Knight Online but never did? Well, this is the best time to do it. It’s one awesome game you don’t want to miss.

    Knight Online Team


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