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    VIA Releases Custom DOOM 3 Multiplayer Map:

    “The creation of VIAVGA DM1 was inspired by strong community demand for more DOOM 3-based multiplayer maps, as well as the uber-coolness of DOOMEdit,” said Josh Holmes, editor of VIA Gamers Arena. “The new lighting and shadow rendering technology in DOOM 3 really appeals and it was a lot of fun experimenting with all of the new bells and whistles. I've been pleasantly surprised with how many new features I have been able to incorporate into VIAVGA DM1 and still maintain acceptable frame rates.”

    Incorporating original assets from DOOM 3, the design and layout of VIAVGA DM1 has a similar feel to many Quake III Arena multiplayer maps, featuring several main combat zones connected via tighter corridors, ducts and hallways. Containing a mixture of open areas for free-range (rocket jumping) action and various confined areas for close quarter combat, VIAVGA DM1 is littered with strategically placed weapons, armor and ammo as well as destructible light fixtures, exploding gas tanks, volatile movable barrels and other devious deathtraps.

    Read more fo the official Press Release here and go get the map pack here!
    A scooter with attitude and more: Rome is the city of the Coliseum, the Spanish Steps, gelato and the Vespa scooter. With narrow winding streets too small for automobiles, Italians have been navigating aboard their "wasp" shaped scooters for well over 50 years. Luca Barzelogna, the president of the Italian Vespaonline Association decided that his vintage Vespa needed a 21st century update. With the help of a VIA EPIA MII12000, Luca transformed his scooter into the VESPA-PUTER.

    Wirelessly connected, the VESPA-PUTER has a GPS navigational system that also provides Internet access to help find the nearest gas station or motel. With an 8" touch screen and USB web cam mounted on the handlebar, Luca is able to upload photos from his journeys directly to a server, allowing friends to get a live picture "postcard" of his trip.

    If you enjoyed that and would like to read more, sign up for the VIA Eden Innovation Newsletter, where you can read all about such stories. The most recent edition (of the bi-weekly newsletter) was titled "VIA EPIA Mini-ITX Conquers Air, Land and Sea" and featured marine telematics systems, Aplus Mobile APM-10000 car PC and more. You can check out the VESPA-PUTER on the VIA projects pages.



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