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    Dec 2001

    Patch 1.30 Released

    Major Issues

    Fixed a crash with Arranged Teams when canceling an invitation.
    Fixed a crash with Arranged Teams searching for games.
    Fixed a crash related to building construction.
    Fixed a crash with morphing air units.
    Fixed ladder record issues.

    Major and Minor Additions

    Subgroup Control Key Holding down the "ctrl" key while issuing an order only gives the order to the highlighted subgroup.
    Flying units no longer display aura's, but are affected by aura's when in range.
    Player level is now displayed on the load game screen.
    Friends GUI enabled.
    Some performance improvements.
    Multiple monitor systems handled more gracefully.
    Scout spell now creates a summoned Owl unit that the owner can use to scout the map. The Owl can be seen by enemy players, but cannot be attacked.

    Balance Changes

    Tree hit points increased.
    Mana potions are more expensive.
    Mana potions are unavailable until 24 hours have passed in-game.
    Health potions are more effective.
    Moon Wells start with 100 mana, down from 300.
    Book of the Dead item creates 8 total skeletons, instead of 10.
    Water Elementals can now target air units.
    Frost Nova area of effect is reduced.
    Chain Lightning costs more mana to cast.
    All Altars are the same cost.
    Town Halls now have a lumber cost.
    Burrows cost less lumber.
    Earthquake area of effect is reduced.
    Death and Decay area of effect reduced.
    Metamorphosis and Avatar durations both increased.
    Thunderclap mana cost reduced.
    Carrion Swarm no longer damages buildings.
    Steam Tank does less damage, and requires more food.
    Bladestorm does more damage per second.
    Infernals have more hit points, and do more damage.
    War Stomp costs less mana.
    Shockwave costs less mana.
    Defend reduces piercing damage by 70%.
    High upkeep reduces income by 60%.
    Pulverize ability occurs more often.
    Taurens have more hit points.
    Abominations have more hit points.
    Storm Hammers do more damage to secondary targets, at the cost of some initial damage.
    Orc Raiders have less hit points and are more susceptible to ranged attackers.
    All weapons that were 'magic' damage have changed to 'pierce' damage.
    There is now a maximum limit of skeletons that can be summoned per player.



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    Apr 2001

    uuhauhauh eu gostei eh de ter aumentado o tempo da metamorfozi e do avatar muito rlz as magias do herois

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