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    Sep 2004

    Project OffSet (quem tá acompanhando?)

    Então galera, vcs tão ligado nesse projeto? Esse vai ser o primeiro "epic fantasy", Um FPS baseado nessa era medieval, só que com magias, elfos,magos,dragoes, etc...

    O grafico está absurdamente foda, baixem os vídeos aqui---> http://www.projectoffset.com/downloads.html

    Estava lendo sobre o multiplayer e PQP, parece q vai ser MTO foda o estilo, deem uma olhada:

    A battle is a multiplayer game level where both teams are assigned a separate list of objectives to complete. This is usually set up as an attacking / defending situation, where team A "pushes forward" offensively through the level, while team B tries to stop their progress. There are two types of objectives, primary and secondary. Primary objectives MUST be completed in order to win, while secondary objectives will help your team, but are optional.
    Battles are always set up as a struggle between good vs. evil. Each battle tells a story that is part of a larger war. A war is simply a chain of three or four battles. The battles visited in a war can change based on which team wins each battle.

    The length of a team match can vary from half an hour to several hours depending on the skill level of the teams playing, and the length of the war.

    Example battles follow:

    Castle Siege

    Team A (Evil) primary objectives:

    1. Primary Objective: Transport siege weapons within firing distance of the castle
    2. Primary Objective: Destroy the castle's outer defenses
    3. Primary Objective: Infiltrate the castle and kill all the innocents

    Team A (Evil) secondary objectives:

    1. Secondary Objective: Capture the castle's guard towers
    2. Secondary Objective: Destroy the side wall to the castle

    Team B (Good) primary objectives:

    1.Primary Objective: Light all beacons to call for reinforcements
    2.Primary Objective: Defend the innocents for 30 minutes until reinforcements arrive

    Team B (Good) secondary objectives:

    1. Secondary Objective: Prevent the enemy's siege weapons from reaching firing distance of the castle
    2. Secondary Objective: Defend the guard towers
    3. Secondary Objective: Construct a barricade to the castle gate


    Team A (Good) must abandon their city and head for a new land by ship.
    Team B (Evil) must stop them using whatever means necessary - dragons, smaller boats, etc.

    Project Offset is a class based FPS. Each class has specific roles in a battle and brings with it one or more unique abilities. Although there are weapons each class share, each class has ranged and melee weapons unique to them. In order to win a battle, teammates must be coordinated in their usage of each class to successfully complete each objective.

    Below is a list of some basic classes and their roles.

    Human (Warrior)

    Primary role: The stock soldier in the group, useful in all combat situations

    Elf (Marksman/Stealth)

    Primary role: Stealth and long ranged "sniper" attacks

    Dwarf (Builder)

    Primary roles:
    Constructs and repairs "constructible" objectives
    Demolition using explosive devices


    Primary role: The life of the party!


    Primary role: Area damage dealer


    Certain battles will have vehicles or creatures that can be ridden.


    Fast moving, can be ridden by one player at a time


    Large, very slow moving device
    Can be boarded by players to protect them

    Ability to fly
    Can rain fire on enemies down below
    Can swoop down and grab enemies
    Giant Troll

    Serves as a ground transport vehicle
    Battle Ship

    Very large vehicle supporting many players, with ballista armorments

    .Destructible environments
    .Dynamically simulated deaths (ragdoll physics)
    .Dynamic damage:
    -Arrows sticking / bouncing off objects and players
    -Dynamic character reaction ("knockback") animations
    .Falling blocks and debris

    During the course of a war, players will travel through many different lands.

    Environments will be epic in design, incorporating both indoor and outdoor areas. The visuals will vary from the vast and beautiful to the claustrophobic and scary depending on the battle.

    Environments will play an important role in gameplay. Expansive outdoor environments will be conducive to vehicle combat, while enclosed environments will work well for melee combat.

    Tomara que esse projeto não seja cancelado, se o jogo for metade do que eles colocaram ae, já estou feliz da vida.

    Esse jogo vai ser simplesmente F O D A.

    Site "oficial": http://www.projectoffset.com/news.html

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