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    Dec 2001

    Detalhes sobre os mapas do UT2003 -Inglês-

    Default="No data."

    Insidious="Step into the dark underworld of the Inquisition, where the ghosts of the innocent are your only companions.||"

    Core="There's not all that much difference between splitting an atom and splitting open a man's skull. All you need is the right tool for the job and a bit of finesse. But leave the atom smashing to the professionals and focus your efforts on crushing your opponents instead.||And try not to blow us all off the face of the planet.||- Overseer Thale||"

    Flux2="Deep in the ice chasms of the Hollis Expanse, an abandoned supply depot becomes host to a game of death. The winner rides out in style, while the losers enter cryostasis the hard way.||"

    Anubis="The infidels seek to defile your ancestors. Send them to meet theirs.||"

    Geothermal="Welcome to the Kretzig Geothermal Facility. We provide heat and water to nearly 20,000 prisoners housed in the nearby penal colony. Thanks to the Tournaments we've been able to add protein bales to our list of exports. Don't worry though, it's no one you know.||"

    Oceanic="Beneath the ice packs of the Thracian Sea, Oceanic Power Station works ceaselessly to provide the nearby coastline with a virtually endless supply of fusion energy. But for those who do battle in the corridors below the ice, only victory staves off the chill touch of defeat.||"

    Compressed="Discipline is my sword,|faith is my shield.|Do not leap blindly into uncertainty, and you may live to reap the rewards.||- Overseer Grimal||"

    Leviathan="They say keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. You won't find any friends here, so reach out and touch someone.||"

    TokaraForest="Tokara Forest, where the emerald blood of ancient trees flows as freely as the scarlet blood of young warriors.||"

    Frostbite="Without the pocket of warm air venting from your thermal unit, your life expectancy is less than two minutes. Throw in a few hardened killers and some firepower and you can cut that number in half.||Remember, think warm thoughts.||"

    Outrigger="The Tournaments demand power. Precious gases refined on this platform are a mere facade; as the processing of your soul will be the mainstay here."

    Gael="Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Deathmatch up close and personal.||"

    SepukkuGorge="Ah, nature. The earthy browns and lush greens of the jungle. The quiet hum of animal and insect life going about its business. The piercing battlecry of a geneboosted harpy bounding across the forest floor in her power armor.||It's times like this that I miss the city.||"

    Maul="As you walk among the shattered ruins of the old retaining wall, the hip deep grass tugs at your clothes. The twisted skeleton of an ancient tree towers above you, giving lie to the fragile beauty that has slowly reclaimed the abandoned fueling station. There is still poison moving through the soil beneath your feet, and still many battles to scar the land.||"

    Antalus="Raia Antalus, or Valley of the Hunters, is an ancient meeting place for the warriors of the Gen Mo'Kai. Encamped along the valley floor dozens of warriors would gather in the temple of Iinu to greet the dawn, hoping to draw upon the mystical powers of the kana stone embedded in the rock above them. Over the centuries the temple has fallen into disuse, and through treaties has become a popular venue for tournament events.||"

    LostFaith="The Caverns of Lost Faith have been part of Gen Mo'kai legend for millenia. The spirits of slain gods are said to lurk in the shadows, using the bodies of the innocent as vessels to transport themselves away from their ethereal prison. They'll be waiting a long time .||"

    Gestalt="High Risk Containment Arenas, that's what the Overseers call them. Armored citadels floating miles above the planet's surface. Nobody gets on, and nobody gets off, unless it's on an Imperial Transport.||After the prisoner uprising on Benial 6 left seventeen Overseers dead and their cloning vats destroyed, it was decided that certain colonies would require special oversight, a means to carry on the Tournaments without the risk of prisoners escaping. And if it culls the troublemakers from the population, so be it.||"

    ScorchedEarth="The stench of brimstone fills the air, as sulphurous clouds move overhead and lava bubbles menacingly below. The thick layer of rust on the remaining structures provides dubious protection for the metal ravaged by the many corrosive agents that poison the atmosphere. The environment is as lethal as the competition, making for one unforgiving battleground.||"

    LavaGiant2="Blood, sweat, and tears have built a lot of great things in our time. In the hellish heat of Purgatory's lava fields, they evaporate so quickly the only trace they leave behind is the grimy buildup on a prisoner's armor.||"

    Chrome="A recent addition to the Tournaments, this arena has yet to be fouled by the rusted brown of dried blood or the carbon black of scorch marks. Let us welcome you to be the first to christen it.||"

    Inferno="Paradiso. Purgatorio. Inferno. Those who have fallen from grace have little more to look forward to than an eternity of torment among fire and brimstone. They, and the soulless creations of the automata, will seek to destroy you and claw their way back to glory. Your job is to send them to hell.||"

    Asbestos="The scrubs do their best to clean up the remains of each battle, but it's never enough. The tarnish and rust slowly devour the last few pristine surfaces, as entropy and bloodsport have their way. It's like they say. Asbestos, it'll kill you.||"

    Disclosure="This enclosed Bombing Run arena has a reputation for fast paced matches with lots of close range combat. Be careful though, the open center area is a perfect location for snipers to show their skills.||"

    Citadel="A nightmarish fantasy brought to life, Citadel blends modern technology with imposing architecture for high intensity CTF combat.||"

    SunTemple="Beneath the watchful eye of Ra a thousand warriors have shed their blood on the stone and soil of the majestic Sun Temple. Take part in a celebration of the strength and skill of those who have come before you.||"

    Orbital2="In the silence of space the planets dance to a song far beyond the comprehension of mortal beings. Aboard the orbital station Alexandria autonav systems attempt to echo the graceful movement of the surrounding planetary bodies, as its living cargo dances to a different song altogether.||"

    December="Hidden away on the shores of a small South Pacific island, you will find the once great naval re-supply station code named DECEMBER.||"

    Endagra="What was once an endless field of obsidian left behind by the volcanic activity of a young planet has become a cold and desolate wasteland of permafrost and broken stone.||"

    Skyline="Far above the teeming metropolis, sounds of battle break the cold silence of the desolate urban canopy. Feel the adrenaline rush through your body as your ruthless enemies, and gravity, seek your downfall.||"

    Curse3="Feel the walls closing in on you? A little claustrophobia maybe? When the flak starts flying and the shock combos fill the air, as you find yourself backed into a corner by a relentless pursuer you'll come to learn the meaning of the word cursed.||"

    Phobos2="After the first of the Phobos Moon orbital arenas was decommissioned and scrapped, its successor was launched to considerable fanfare and quickly became a staple deathmatch arena in the Tournament.||"

    TwinTombs="The dead tell no tales, so we've come to rely on live video feeds to keep us on top of the latest matches. This elegant recreation of the twin tombs of brothers Ramses III and Rudamon has a reputation for speed, brutality, and treachery, just like the pharaohs interred within.||"

    Slaughter="Even commercial companies can get in on the action... For a fee.||"

    Face3="One asteroid, two towers ... Ten thousand headshots.||"

    Plunge="The bad moon... Has risen. Now it is time to take the Plunge.||"

    DM="You'll be given just enough information to enter the tournament.||Survival is up to you.||"

    TrainingDay="Simple, flat, and chock full of weapons and ammunition.||Perfect for your first humiliation in the tournament.||"

    Serpentine="The crypt maze of the Serpentine Temple, home of the Scaled God Rec.||Once considered a sacred crypt, now the corporeal vessels of past heroes have been excavated.||It's time to replace them with new sacrifices.||"

    Ruination="Amidst the torn foundations of long dead empires, new generations feed the frozen ground the warmth of blood.||Will you make your mark on the scarred stone of old?||"

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