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    Dec 2001

    dúvidas no age of mithlogy!? Amenduka e shark tem solução!

    Ae galera o AmendukA pediu pra mim postar mais isso aki pra ele oh...

    The Greeks are special in every way as the Egyptians and Norse are. The Greeks arre the only culture that gets a new Hero during each age advancement and each major god has his own too. The Greeks also get a first age mythological unit which is the Pegasus which can explore more of the map, where as the Egyptians don't ave any and in order for you to get a first age MU if you take the Norse is if you took Odin.

    Every time you advance into a new age you will gain access to a new hero from the Greeks, such as Ajax, Hermes, Atlanta, Persus and so on. How ever in some instances you will also have the option of getting two heroes instaed of one, this occurance only happens to Poseidon.

    Starting Conditions
    The Greeks will start of with three villagers, and a scout and couple outposts scattared around the Town Center.

    In order for you to gain favor you will have to build a temple or two where you will be able to command you villagers to pray at. Also if you take the god Zeus, you will start of with some favor already and can reach a limit of 200 where with other gods you can only reach 100.
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    The Egyptians are a very special culture for the fact that they get a Pharaoh which can do some cool stuff. Some stuff includes such as healing units, collecting relics, empowering buildings and not to mention regenerate is killed. The Egyptians are also the only culture that can build farms in the firts age and that have complete towers too unlike where as the Greeks and Norse have outposts. Another note to know is the fact that Pharohs can collect relics where as the Norse have to wait till the second age and Greeks have to train Heroes to collect them.

    Where as the Greeks get a hero in each age the Egyptians get two Heroes once they start a game. Which is their Pharaoh and Priest. The Priest is pretty much self explanatory where as the Pharaoh is not. The Pharaoh is one unit. This unit can ban myth units, empower buildings so that they produce resources faster and id you choose Set you will be able to convert and summon wild animals.

    Starting Conditions
    The Egyptians start of with three villagers, a Pharaoh and a Priest. They also are the only culture that can build farms in the first age and they get to have towers too instead of outposts.

    Unlike the Greeks where they have to pray at temples, the Egyptians will have to build monuments in order to gain favor. Everytime you advance to a new age you will have option of making a new monument.
    -- ---- ------------ ------------------------ --------- ---- --
    The Norse are the only culture that lets their military units build buildings and other things. They also are the only culture that gets Dwarfs which are only good for one thing and that is mining gold, where as their villagers are called gathers only are good for collecting food and wood. You can let the gatherers collect gold but it wont be as fast. Another note that makes the Norse more special is the fact that they don't have any resource buildings but instead they get an Ox Cart which moves around and you place your resources there.

    The Norse are the only civ that gets only one Hero which is the Hersir. Where as the Greeks and Egyptians have powerfull Heroes the Norse don't and will have more trouble with MU's.

    Starting Conditions
    Ox Cart, two villagers and one Ulfsark.

    The Norse simply gain favor from combat. Their Hersir Hero will gain more favor then regular units which makes the Norse more of a rush oriented culture.

    Eu não sei do q se trata pq eu ainda nem joguei, mas espero q seja baum pra vc's!


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