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    Campeonato de TDM de UT2K3 na CPL Winter Event 2k2

    On the CPL TDM UT2K3 Tourney Coverage: CPL Winter 2002 General
    35 Comments -- Ace -- Sunday 12/22/2002 2:13 AM CST

    EDIT/UPDATE: The original post here was completely true. At the last minute, we had about a dozen gamers from around the world go up to Frank and Justin to plead to them to let us do the tournament. After telling them we'd help take down the machines, and that there were really no negative consequences, they decided to allow us to play the tournament. Big props to CPL for this. It really helped to put a good close on the event. I think this tournament was the highlight of my CPL experience.

    Now, the results. We split things up into two pools (random) with the top 2 from each advancing:

    Pool 1: Sovereign, s69, Mortal Teamwork, eSports United
    Pool 2: sK + Infensus, Kaizen, Demise, Clan Kapitol

    Sovereign went 1-2 with close losses to both mTw and eSu, and a big victory over s69 (gg amped triple link gun). mTw beat eSu by one frag on Antalus. s69 took the bad end of things finishing 0-3.

    In pool two, sK finished 3-0. Demise also qualified with a 2-1 record with wins over Kaizen and clan Kapitol. Clan Kapitol ended up finishing 0-3.

    The top two from each bracket were then placed into a single elimination bracket. Mortal Teamwork came out on top of dZ, while sK + Infensus came out on top over eSu by 1 frag. In the finals, sK had a fairly decent win over Mortal Teamwork to take home the unofficial UT2k3 CPL 2002 tournament. They were awarded Senahiser headphones, and some nice goodies from NVidia and Intel (not sure what yet, prizes to be awarded later).

    resumindo, o SK (clan do GitzZz, que naum estava presente) junto com o clan infensus venceu o mTw um grande clan europeu e tornou se campeão !
    o camp foi no Byoc (bring your own computer)

    tradução visitem

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