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    Jun 2001

    Battlefield 1942 Tweak Guide


    If there's one game that captures the enormity of scale and the many forms of combat which took place during WWII, it's Battlefield 1942. From sniping to planting explosives or firing heavy artillery, through to commandeering a jeep, tank, plane...you name it, BF1942 has got it. The gameplay is right there to back up the scope of the game, making you work as part of a team to pull off the inevitable victory.

    The various theatres of war are incredibly expansive, and yet with so much happening on the ground, in the water and in the air, the powerful Refractor 2 game engine still manages to do a great job of rendering it all beautifully, putting you convincingly in the midst of all the action. It comes at a cost though - BF1942 is very system intensive, and it takes a bit of effort to get it running smoothly out of the box on all but the fastest of systems.

    Along comes this guide, which brings together all the performance tweaks, tips and .con file settings, along with troubleshooting help and handy reference material like the console commands and working No-CD/blood patch links – all to make sure you get BF1942 running at its very best on your machine. Take a wander through the guide and hopefully I can help you enjoy this amazing game even more.

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