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    Oct 2002

    SIM CITY 4(Aqui estão as dicas que vcs tanto pedem)

    Está tudo em english mas dá para entender!

    Press [Ctrl] + X to bring up the console. Note that you may have to first press [Esc] before the console will appear. A dialog box pops up in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Enter the code in this box and press [Enter]. Note that valid codes close the console, invalid ones leave the console open. If you want the console to stay open after entering valid codes, press [Shift] as you press [Enter].

    Code Description / more info
    weaknesspays > Gives you 1,000 Simoleons.

    you don't deserve it > Enables you to place all reward buildings.

    fightthepower > Removes the requirement for buildings to have power.

    howdryiam > Removes the requirement for buildings to have water.

    whattimeizit <0-24> > Sets the 24-hour clock to the specified military time. 0 = noon, 12 = midnight, 13 = 1 PM, etc.

    whererufrom <new city name> > Change your city's name on the fly.

    hellomynameis <new mayor name> > Change your mayor's name on the fly.

    stopwatch > Stop and start the 24-hour clock.

    dollyllama > Makes all the advisors turn into llamas. Note that if you're already in the advisor window you'll have to leave it and come back to see any changes. To turn the llamas back into people, re-run the cheat.

    sizeof <1-100 magnification> > Zooms in on whatever screen you're looking at. Independent from game zoom level. Note that a magnification of 2 means the screen graphics will appear twice as close to you.

    tastyzots > Removes zots from zones. Does not actually fix the problems though!

    recorder > Starts animation recording options. Follow the directions. Files are saved in your "My Documents\SimCity 4\RecordedAnimations" directory.

    gol > Makes green squares dance on your city. Press [Esc] after typing this cheat to turn it off.

    zoneria > Hides zoning colors for empty zones. Type cheat again to re-enable zone colors.

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    May 2002

    quero dica de joga nao de cheat...
    jogar eh diferente de cheetear cara
    sai dessa, isso soh estraga o jogo seu bunda mole hehehehe

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