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    Apr 2002

    Novo patch pro VC demo

    Ai vão as mudanças:

    1: Flying bug - people shouldnt be able to cheat now.

    Play Flying Heroes (www.flying-heroes.com) for that ; )

    2: Holes in the scenery have been filled - also stopping people from cheating.
    3. Binocular key now works in the way the Crouch or Walk keys work (short click to switch on/off, hold to switch on - release to switch off).
    4: Correct sorting of servers during enumeration.
    5: Server removes kicked out players immediately, instead of at the start of voting (as seen with clients).
    6: Game crash when picking up weapons (experienced on some slow ping games).
    7: No sounds in spectator mode (when waiting to spawn).
    8: Improved ladder functionality.
    9: Some weapon models improved.
    10: Support for dedicated servers with no 3D gfx card added; there are 2 ways to run it:
    a) command line: vietcong.exe -dedicated
    An option window will open, choose options, start
    b) command line: vietcong.exe -dedicated definitionfile.ded
    definitionfile.ded can be created in an option window in case 1 using 'save' button
    definitionfile.ded can be edited later - it's a text file
    This will start a dedicated server without any further questions.
    11: 'server and all clients lock up when using grenades' should be fixed

    eu baixei no www.fileshack.com

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