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    Jun 2002

    Update do Abraxas

    Wednesday, May 7, 2003

    I keep getting asked to write up another log, so I guess I’ll spend a quick couple of minutes and put out an update for everyone. I’m sorry if I seem reclusive these days. We have been so incredibly busy that there just hasn’t been much time to interact with anyone outside of the development team and the Army. After the show, I’ll try to be a bit more available than I have been as of late.

    As for our current progress, we are now putting the final touches on what we will be showing at E3. While I’m not sure that we got quite everything finished that we wanted to, I’m pretty happy with what we will be previewing. I am particularly satisfied with the direction we are going when it comes to the look and feel of the game. This team is much improved from last year, and we are finally starting to tap into the true potential of this game engine. I am extremely impressed with much of the new material the team has created, and the new expertise that they have developed in the process. The more that we do, the better this team gets, and the coming months should prove to be very exciting for the game.

    I know that some of you are still disappointed with version 1.7. That version should have been identical to 1.6 with the only change being the new map and audio .dll. Unfortunately, there were some extenuating circumstances that made it necessary for us to create that build in an atypical fashion, and as an unfortunate side-effect a couple of new bugs got into the code-base. We are aware of those issues, and have already fixed them in our current internal version of the game. After E3 we will regroup and begin working on the next release. Hopefully we will have these problems resolved in short order.

    One thing that people don’t always understand is that the best game development studios in the industry are typically the ones where the team members have been together for a long time. There is no hard science to game development, and new teams that are working with new engines or on new platforms often make many mistakes. This is why console games get so much better a year or two after the hardware’s initial release. Development teams become more experienced and over time they unlock the power of the hardware.

    With this team, we have the luxury of being in the same position. This game is a great project to work on because it is ongoing. We have the ability to correct and learn from our mistakes, and the time to discover everything that this engine can do. This is by far the best team that I’ve ever worked with, and every day I watch them get better and better. We’ve had some bumpy moments, to be sure, but in the long run it is my hope that we end up creating one of the greatest games ever made. Many of you have been with us from the very beginning, and I encourage you all to stay with us. There is definitely much more to come.

    I doubt I will be able to do another update until after E3. However, we’ve assigned several people to provide media coverage, and hopefully we’ll be able to give you daily updates right from the show floor. The show officially kicks off next Wednesday, so I invite you all to check back here often for news, images and updates. After the show, I’ll give you all my own personal perspective.


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