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    Sep 2002

    Aos Administradores de servidores - novos mods e programas

    dando uma olhada no site mohadmin encontrei um novo programa.

    MoH_AdminMod (MAM) provides a framework from which other server-side mod developers will be able to quickly implement features into Medal Of Honor. All MoH:AA classic and Spearhead versions (incl. patches) are supported by MAM using the same mod file.

    More and more mods are being created utilizing the DMprecache.scr file replacement method. These mods usually do not co-exist with any other mods using the same strategy, forcing server admins to hack mods together when they wish to run multiple ones concurrently. MAM abstracts this by allowing modders to simply register their new mod file(s) using a simple one-line server configuration statement.

    MAM provides several built-in utilities (set of commonly used library functions) to assist developers in their development efforts. The mod also includes a very strong and flexible command processing module intended for introducing new features into the game. This command module gives modders the ability to create external commands and allow for easy integration with the rich set of commands that will be included as MAM built-ins (MAM_Security, MAM_DefaultCmds).

    Executing commands is as simple as setting a cvar (named command) on the game's console. Admin clashing, where two or more administrators attempt to enter commands at a time, is almost non-existent thanks to the implementation of a robust queueing algorithm (commands are queued as quickly as they are entered, while actual processing is performed in serial fashion as resources become available.) Commands can also be easily provided using rcon or even interfaced from an external application such as MOHAACI. To work around certain limitations of the console interpreter while processing remote commands, especially in Spearhead, a quoting scheme has been included to escape (hide) special characters from the normal game parser (no, this will not correct the dumpuser bug!)


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