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    Classificando jogadores pelo nick (em inglês)

    Classifying by player name
    By: Rams/Terrashot.

    Disclaimer: This guide is only meant for public gamez.


    ~1. Introduction
    ~2. Classification
    ~3. Scoring
    ~4. Examples
    ~5. Conclusion

    ~1. Introduction

    Welcome to my guide! I made this guide to enlighten. The information presented within will be neither biased nor inaccurate, so please carefully heed my words. My guide may infuriate, humor, or confound you. I ask that you keep an open mind.

    When I say keep an open mind, I am not joking. This information is presented factually, but take into consideration that it is based solely on personal experience. Do not interpret it absolutely, discretion is advised.

    If you follow this guide you should experience:

    A) Less frustration
    B) Better player-to-player relations
    C) Less usage of profanity
    D) Increased production of endorphins, which stimulate positive feelings.

    I wrote this guide after numerous experiences with certain types of players. Me and my friend, deathbydead, realized that players with demeaning names, typically would leave, flame, or suck. In simpler terms, players with names like "Noob83" and "AZN33" tend to do worse in games, and generally ruin them. "How can you prove that?" you may ask. It isn't rocket science, buddy. After playing many games and scientifically calculating my results, I have come up with a respectable answer. But anyways, that's next. So without further ado, I present to you, my humble guide.

    ~2. Classification

    Oh man, here we are. Ready to classify? Oh I'm sure your socks are just about rocked off right now. Well slow down tiger! Let me give you an example, first.

    Look through these names and their demises. Don't be hasty.


    The Sentinel

    Player Rams - Host
    Player GrEaTgUy - Leaver
    Player Deathbydead - Friend
    Player Shellshock9 - Did ok.
    Player Vex - Very good player

    The Scourge

    Player Mucusill - Stayed
    Player generallol - Left
    Player Blackybama22 - Left
    Player Wheezey420 - Left
    Player Marcusiff - Stayed

    "But dude, those are just coincidences!"

    Do not deny it. There is a direct correlation between those leavers, and their names. Look, I even made you a formula.

    {Playername = playerintelligence}

    That's right, a player's name tells you exactly how they will behave in any gamez of DotA. Deny it all you want, but you secretly know there's some truth to this. Remember the time that some guy named "BLACKPEOPLE" joined your game, and left during the countdown? That's NOT coincidence. People with names that lack creativity, correct usage of grammar, and intelligence generally reflect a horrible player.

    "Ok Ok Rams, I'm semi-convinced. But tell me, how can I tell by a player's name whether they suck or not?"

    The reasoning? Well, like I've said, the "stupider" the name, the "stupider" the player. Look at these examples of "charges" in the next section, and afterward honestly tell me that you haven't seen people with these combination play better/worse than people with other combinations. Someone with "OMFGHACK" tells you a lot about the person. They're obviously under the age of 15. What does immaturity tell us? I'll let you figure that out. Continue to the next section!

    ~3. Scoring

    We can categorize players intelligence based upon their names, to determine the kinds of people favorable to a game, and the kinds not. Eventually, you can just take a glance at a player to determine their skill level. That's what I call power. Look at a player's name, then find the sum of the appropriate positive and negative charges listed below.

    • If a player's total "charge" is negative, my personal recommendation is to immediately boot them, unless you know that they will stay.

    " + Scores "

    • Player's name contains equal to or less than 6 alpha numeric characters, then he's a keeper. [Excludes clan tags.] + 2 Point. [Example: Nexis, Kol Nex.is]

    • Player's name contains a "." or "-" or "_" then that's a bonus. [Do not count as characters.] + 1 Point. [Examples: Kill.bot, Je-Je]

    • Player's name contains a capital letter at the beginning of every or most words. + 1 Point. [Examples: Excell, RunThruMe]

    • Player's name contains a clan tag. + 1 Point. [Example: PD-Killa]

    " - Scores "

    • Player's name contains a an obvious reference to pop culture. - 1 Point / - 2 if referencing animez. [Example: Jamielynn, Sasukeboy23.]
    -Use discretion people.

    • Player's name contains no capitals. - 1 Point. [Example: greatdud4]

    • Player's name contains erratic capital patterns. [Cancels + 1 bonus for capitalized letter at beginning of sentence.] - 1 Point. [Example: GrEaTdUd]

    • Player's name contains all capitals. [Cancels + 1 bonus for capitalized letter at beginning of sentence.] - 1 Point. [Example: GENERALDEATH]

    • Player's name contains a number at the end. - 1 Point / - 2 if referencing a number that has significant meaning. [Example: Firestarter42, Wheezey420.]

    • Player's name contains anything dealing with race. - 3 Points. [Examples: Blackpeople, AZN23]

    • Player's name contains profanity. - 1 Point. [Example: C*MGOBBLER]

    • Player's name contains random letter combination. - 2 Points. [Example: qweljselrj]

    • Player's name contains internet lingo. - 1 Point. [Example: Pro42, NewbieLOL, ROFLCOPTER, LMAOATTACK, [email protected]]

    • Player's name contains the word "Leaver or Feed" or a different form of it. - 3 Point. [Examples: Ileaveonstart, Iwillfeed]

    • Player's name contains 3 or more "." or "-" or "_". - 1 Point. [Example: F_L_I_P.L.O.L]

    • Player's name contains redundancy. - 1 Point. [Examples: Ooooo00oo, Lolololrofl]
    -If name has X's at the beginning and the end, - 1. Reasoning: Shows redundancy and
    that the name was already taken. [Example: XXJOHNYXX]

    • Player's name contains intercourse, alcohol, or a drug reference.- 1 Point. [Example: Weedsmoka, Sofaded, UrGFmycouch]

    " Other "

    • Teams - Yes, you can combine the entire charge of a team, and calculate what your chances are. Try and balance the team's charges. If you don't have the time to do this, kick all of the negative players in the game until the game is filled with positives. This insures the best playing experience.

    • Teamstackers - Teamstackers are combined into one ionic charge, just like teams. Take all of their names, combine them, and if their overall net charge is negative, kick them. Otherwise, leave them be. Special rules apply to teamstackers.

    2-3 Teamstackers constitutes + 1 point.
    4 Teamstackers constitutes + 2 points.
    5 Teamstackers constitutes + 3 points.

    • Spammers/Flamers/Racists - People who join the game, and start spurring racism, spamming, or just being an ass in general have a tendency to leave. Boot them on sight. If they lack the respect towards people to say such profanities in the first place, what makes you think they respect you, your DotA game, or anyone in general?

    • Player's name is a sentence. 0 point / - 1 if the sentence is demeaning or dumb in nature. [Examples: Danceswithwolves (0), Iwillfeed (-1), 2cool4school (-1).]

    • People with ALL numbers - These people WILL leave. I'm not sure if they're even people to begin with. [Example: 239482348]

    • People containing the word "Dota" in their name. - As soon as they realize that they aren't good just because they contain "Dota" in their name, they typically leave. Better to kick on sight than to risk letting them play. [Example: GreatDotaPlyr]

    • People with names that closely or identically resemble Dota heroes - I'm cautioning you. Sometimes, people on the enemy team will pick that player's named hero, and will result in him leaving. (A player named Gondar is on your team. The enemy picks Gondar, and thus as a result, the player named Gondar leaves the game.)

    • People with coloured names - They invested time & effort to get other peoples' attention, obviously showing immaturity. High chance of trashtalking by them. Be careful! [Example: R-ed, BornToPawn]

    • People with self-boasting names - I would be very weary of them. Sometimes, they can be so full of themselves that dying once can be groundbreaking. They generally leave after being killed. [Example: Hottie488, Superflydude, Iownyouall]

    • Players name sounds sophisticated vs immature - Be weary of the player name before you decide to ultimately boot them. If the name doesn't sound incredibly dumb, and they're only a -1 or -2, I would advise against kicking. On the other hand, if they're a +1/+2 and their name is like Fart.Master, I would probably kick.

    • Impatient Players - I would kick them. Players who spam such things as "Gogogogogog" and similar variations. Why? Because if they can't wait a few extra minutes for another player, what makes you think they'll stay for the entire game?

    Finally, here's a nice chart made by Mittsies for quick reference. Green numbers being bonuses, and red being detriments.

    (IMG:http://www.mitts.furtopia.org/dotacr...ing_noglow.png) (link quebrado no site)

    ~4. Examples

    Finally done reading all that? Got a few laughs? Well good! Now we can put your new found discerning skills to the test. Take this sample quiz. The answers are below.

    Checking for comprehension.
    Figure out the charges on each of these, the answers are listed below. Take your time.

    1. GrEaTfIrE

    2. narutofan23

    3. Philosophical

    4. Runwithme22

    5. Wii.Ex

    1. "GrEaTfIrE"

    Since he has erratic patterns of capitals, his overall charge is - 1. Nothing else is present. Remember that even though the first letter is capitalized, it doesn't matter because he used erratic letters. Erratic letters takes away the bonus.[KICKABLE]

    2. "narutofan23"

    The first letter is not capitalized, it is a reference to pop culture ANIME, and contains a number at the end. His overall charge is - 4. [MUST KICK]

    3. "Philosophical"

    constitutes an overall charge of + 1. The first letter is capitalized, and nothing else is wrong/right. [KEEP]

    4. "Runwithme22"

    Remember that sentences do not add nor subtract any points. The beginning is capitalized, so + 1 charge, but the end has numbers so - 1 charge. An overall charge of 0. [KEEP]

    5. "Wii.Ex"

    The name is less than or equal to 5 characters, ["." do not constitute a character.] It has a "." in it, and the first letter is capitalized. Giving an overall charge of + 3. [KEEP]

    ~5. Conclusion

    Even if you don't follow this guide exactly, it would be wise to kick people with insane negative scores. Such as people with "Leaver," "LOLCOP," etc. These people will leave.

    So, you think you finally have a grasp? I'm glad, as this formula has worked great for me. Me and my friends can glance at a person and immediately come up with a "charge." It becomes a subconscious matter. And since we've started this, we've had a surplus of excellent games, ranging from 30-60 minutes. This guide isn't full proof, but it definitely has provided a better game play experience for us. I hope it can do the same for you.

    Special thanks to Deathbydead, for the inspiration to write this, even after accidentally losing all of the text. Thanks to Mittsies/Arctic for additional inspiration.

    And remember, even if you call into an undesirable category, it doesn't necessarily mean you suck. This is not absolute.


    - Condensed rules, made some clearer.
    - Changed Race rule and added the "AZN23" example.
    - Added the "This is not absolute" comment at the bottom of my guide.
    - Changed wording on the "Wii.ex" example.
    - Added "People with all numbers WILL leave"
    - Added redundancy rule and added underscores to it.
    - Added underscores to the + 1 scores.
    - Added "X's" at the beginning and end below the redundancy rule.
    - Added "Leetspeak" into the new condensed "Internet lingo" rule.
    - Added "-Use Discretion people" under the pop culture reference.
    - Added a caution against players who name themselves after Dota heroes.
    - Added a rule against sex, drugs, and alcohol.
    - Changed how the guide looks.
    - Added a rule in about self boasting.
    - Added a disclaimer at the beginning.
    - Added rules based on player intelligence under "Other."
    - Added a rule based on people containing "Dota" in their names.

    - Changed the disclaimer, once again because some people are too dense.
    - Added a rule for impatience.
    - Added a picture for quick reference to scoring.

    - Changed 5 or less to 6.

    - added section about coloured nicks

    fonte: http://www.playdota.com/forums/showthread.php?t=297494

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    Sep 2005

    joguei esses dias contra "jesus usou aegis" esse tem selo hue de qualidade hahahahahah

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    Essa teoria que o cara se deu o trabalho de escrever só comprova o que eu vivenciei por anos e ainda vivencio. O cara com o nick mais escroto é sempre o mais fdp.

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    Sep 2005

    sim a teoria dele está correta. o nickname reflete o tipo de jogador/pessoa. Eu acho que os escrotos, como você mencionou, são mais difíceis de identificar do que os iniciantes. Quando cai um Bruno89 ou Nando-BR no meu time já sei que

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