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    Feb 2005

    LANÇAMENTO: Warsow 0.60

    Opa galera,

    Foi lançado hoje a nova versão do Warsow (0.60).

    Segue link para download: http://www.warsow.net/warsow-0-6-is-here/

    E abaixo vai a lista das mudanças:
    :: :: Changes from 0.5 to 0.6

    - New maps: wbomb3, wbomb4, wbomb5, wdm12, wdm18, new wctf5.
    - Duel Arena maps have been renamed back to wdaX.
    - Most of the original maps have been re-textured and re-lit for improved visuals.

    - Vertex buffer objects support for improved performance.
    - Improved netcode: Latency reduction by the use of half-snapshot extrapolation.
    - q3map2 and the engine have been improved for more realistic and smoother lighting.
    - Improved particle support: added new misc_particles map editor entity.
    - Automatic resolution detection at initial startup.
    - Added more widescreen resolutions.
    - Fixed aspect ratio for widescreen resolutions.
    - The game can now stream demos from a HTTP server.
    - Added 4×4 PCF shadow maps filter with fewer texture lookups compared to other modes.
    - Added server console variable “sv_iplimit” to limit connections per ip address, defaults to 3. A value of 0 acts as no limit.
    - Added Quake Live style mouse acceleration, m_accelStyle and m_accelOffset console variables control the acceleration behavior.
    - Added IPv6 support.
    - Added positional audio support via Mumble (open source voice chat software), set console variable “cl_mumble” to 1 to enable.
    - Added “r_screenshots_fmtstr” cvar that allows embedding of timestamps into screenshots’ filenames.
    - Fixed double execution of autoexec.cfg if the game was started with a custom game directory.
    - Fixed execution of config.cfg upon game directory change.

    - New menu music: one new song and an improved remix of Warsow 0.2 menu music.
    - New in-game soundtrack: 6 tracks by Jihnsius.
    - Support for playlists:
    Play invidual files with: /music loop.(ogg|wav) [intro.(ogg|wav)]
    Load playlists with: /music (filename.m3u) (mode)
    modes: “1″ shuffle, “2″ loop, “3″ loop random track.
    loads basewsw/sounds/music/(filename.m3u/ogg/wav)
    - New console variables: “cg_playList” and “cg_playListShuffle” to specify custom a playlist file to be played during matches and optionally shuffled.
    - New console commands: “pausemusic”, “nextmusic” and “prevmusic” to fast forward to the next track or repeat the previous track in the playlist.

    Gameplay/gametype scripts/misc:
    - New weapon skins.
    - New chat console, themeable from the HUD scripts.
    - Non-round based gametypes include spawn place indicators in warmup.
    - Added Damage indicator to crosshair, changes color on hit. Customizable with cg_crosshair_damage_color.
    - Player models turn grey when dead.
    - New background video + new randomized loading screens.
    - Cartoon hit effects for big damage splashes.
    - Removed 175>150 armor decay from duel.
    - Weapons have been slightly balanced compared to 0.5.
    - New gametype: Capture the flag: Tactics.
    - Bomb has been rewritten, improved bomb spot indicator graphics.
    - In-game announcements to promote community events.
    - TAB-completion for map names in console.

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