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    Jun 2010

    Ajuda com warrior dps!!

    Bom dia percisava que me ajudassem sou warrior estou a lvl 80 e tenho 1.7 gs .

    queria que me dessem uma tabela dos talents que devo preencher e me dissessem as rotações de um dps warrior.

    Por favor ajudem-me!!!!

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    Sopa de tartaruga!
    Dec 2003

    Pra builds:


    Pra rotações é mais oq o amomra postou mesmo. MAS não espere um DPS absurdo, o Warrior não é exatamente focado nisso.

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    Dec 2004

    Tudo depende da formação de um RAID, um warrior pode ser um top dps ou pode ser o pior DPS do raid, assim como os rogues, hunters etc....

    as 2 dicas dadas são perfeitas, warrior hoje é focado em ARMOR Penetration, após CAtaclysm isso deve mudar bastante, pena que nem tenho mais tempo pra jogar WoW, meu warrior foi esquecido no level 70 depois de WOTLK, tenho hoje 80 Elemental/Resto shaman, 80 RET/PROT paladin, e um 80 DK fracassado, heauehuaeh

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    Apr 2003

    Q: What is the best Fury spec?
    A: Fury typically goes with 19/52/0.

    Q: What about Commanding Presence and Booming Voice?
    A: Take those instead of Unbridled Wrath and Imp Cleave if your raid setup requires it.

    Q: What about Enrage?
    A: No.

    Q: But it's 10% more damage!
    A: Only when it procs, which very rarely happens in raids. It's not worth it.

    Q: What about Improved Berserker Rage?
    A: No.

    Q: What rotation should I be using?
    A: Bloodthirst > Whirlwind > Slam (Bloodsurge). Heroic Strike when you have 50+ Rage. At very high gear levels Heroic Strike will effectively replace every mainhand weapon swing.

    Q: Should I use Slam when I don't have a Bloodsurge proc?
    A: No.

    Q: What about when I can Execute?
    A: At lower gear levels use Execute in place of Slams, and only Heroic Strike at 80+ Rage. At higher gear levels (iLvl 245+) Slam becomes better than Execute, and you can Heroic Strike more often.

    Q: When do I use Death Wish and Recklessness?
    A: Use Death Wish on cooldown, but try to line it up with Bloodlust whenever possible. Recklessness should only be used during a free GCD shortly before WW and BT come off cooldown. Do not delay either for the cooldown, it isn't worth it.

    Q: What good is Shattering Throw?
    A: It can increase raid DPS during Bloodlust if there are a number of other physical DPS present. However, it's a personal DPS loss.

    Q: What are my stat priorities?
    A: Get 8% hit (including Precision), 26 Expertise. After that, Strength > ArP > Crit > Agi = 2AP = Haste > Hit.

    Q: Should I gem for ArP? What gear is BiS?
    A: Use Landsoul's Spreadsheet or Rawr to find out.

    Q: Doesn't Sunder Armor mean you only need 80% ArP?
    A: No. Sunder/Expose Armor and Faerie Fire work separately from ArP. You want 100% from ArP rating.

    Q: What should I use to enchant my weapon?
    A: Berserking.

    Q: What about my offhand?
    A: Still Berserking.

    Q: Should I put Bryntroll in my offhand?
    A: No. Proc weapons suck in the offhand. If you have a mainhand better than Bryntroll, find a better offhand.

    Q: But I don't have have a better offhand yet!
    A: You have Landsoul's Spreadsheet and Rawr available to you. Figure it out.

    Q: My raid leader wants me to use Sunder Armor, I don't want to lose DPS.
    A: Do it. It's a DPS gain for the raid, and for you as well if no one else is willing/able. Screw your rotation and the DPS race; stack it immediately to full. You also suffer the least impact of any class/spec save for Protection, plus your DPS will increase.

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