Bad Company 2 travando em servers com PinkBuster...

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    Angry Bad Company 2 travando em servers com PinkBuster...

    Ae galera, to com um problema o qual não estou conseguindo resolver de jeito nenhum e gostaria de saber se vocês já o enfrentaram, corrigiram, etc...

    Meu BC2 está travando quando estou jogando em server com PunkBuster, o modo singleplayer roda liiiiiiso, e fui verificar se era em todos os server multiplayer que travava e entrei em um server sem o PunkBuster, rodou liiiso tb, 3 horas nem nenhum problema...

    Agora já venho adiantando que não é uso de Cheat hehehehe, o pc simplesmente trava total, imagem congela o som fica travado fazendo um som de BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, e dai só desligando o pc...

    Alguem tem uma dica?

    Mainboard : ECS P55H-A
    Chipset : Intel P55
    Processor : Intel Core i5 750 @ 2666MHz
    Physical Memory : 4096MB (2 x 2048 DDR3-SDRAM )
    Video Card : ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series
    Hard Disk : Seagate ST3500418AS ATA Device (500GB)
    DVD-Rom Drive : ATAPI iHAS324 Y
    Monitor Type : LG Electronics W1943 - 19 inches
    Network Card : Realtek Semiconductor RTL8168/8111 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
    Operating System : Windows 7 Ultimate Professional Media Center 6.01.7600 (64-bit)
    DirectX : Version 11.00

    Edit: Mals pelo titulo errado galera, eu sei q o nome é PunkBuster, mas toda hora boto na cabeça que é PinkBuster e acabo escrevendo assim...
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    Atualiza os drivers
    deleta a pasta do bc2
    instala novamente
    atualiza o pb

    Tenta novamente, sem mesmo assim nao funcionar é provavel que seja problema de hardware

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    Firewall? ZoneAlarm, senão me engano, dava essa pau com punkbuster...

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    Fiz isso tudo e não deu certo...

    hoje pesquisando ainda mais até percebi o proprio site do PunkBuster falando sobre isso...

    My computer locks up or "chugs" sometimes while I'm playing with PunkBuster Enabled, what can cause this?

    PunkBuster "pushes" hardware and the Windows Operating System more than most software and uses functions in the Windows API (low level functions) that aren't used by most other programs. As such, there are a few cases where using PB can actually expose flaky hardware or other situations that don't cause problems for other software. Here are a few things that have helped other users make these problems get better or go away completely:
    Make sure you are using the latest version of PunkBuster (the latest version is always on our Download page) - also this link may help manually update your PB to the latest version when necessary
    From the game's main screen, press the tilde key (the ~ key) to bring down the console (note: some games do not have a console) and enter the following line (without the quotes): "/pb_system 1".
    Never close other programs from your Windows Task Manager before playing the game, either leave them running or close them through the proper interface - killing a process doesn't always work completely even if it stops showing in the Task Manager and renegade threads seem to conflict with PB more than other programs that may be running in memory. There is a free utility that some players use called EndItAll to close all extra programs before they play to avoid software conflicts, crashes and lockups. You can get it from here.
    Check the add/remove programs list in your Control Panel and uninstall any programs that you don't use or that you don't know what they are.
    One program that seems to conflict with PB more than others is Norton Anti-Virus. If you have it installed, try uninstalling it to see if the lockups go away. Some players have reported that when this is the culprit, they can reinstall Norton Anti-Virus and the lockups don't come back.
    Other background programs that seem to conflict with PB for some users are Sound Blaster Live software and helper programs that come with video cards (especially ATI keyboard shortcut programs).
    Some players discovered that they had a computer virus and that the lockups vanished after it was fully removed.
    Experiment with the pb_sleep setting ... try setting it to 20, 250, or 500 to see if that affects your game performance. A few players have reported that all the problems go away when they "tweak" this setting.
    In extreme cases, a few users have reported that replacing their RAM (memory) or video/sound cards fixed the problem.
    E q bosta, ja fui verificando tudo, desinstalei os programas da minha placa mãe e intalei apenas com a bios e drivers e nada ainda... Estou cogitando em comprar uma placa de som (a minha é onboard) para ver se dá jeito...

    Ah e tem como acessar o console no Bad Company 2? n consegui...

    E como faço pra ajeitar esse pb_sleep? Não descobri como.

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    Consegui! Clique para abrir a imagem em nova guia Fiz o que um cara falo no forum da EA e deu certo! Clique para abrir a imagem em nova guia

    Vou botar em Spoiler o post dele pra que algum perdido vindo do google consiga uma ajuda minima...

    There is a problem in the way BF BC2 : Punkbuster and Direct sound interact when using onboard audio solutions so here is the fix for the hard freeze w/ sound loop that requires the reboot, and only the hard freeze that requires the reboot. This does not apply to checkerboard pattern, white screen, grey screen, AND CRASHES TO DESKTOP FFS. What happens with this crash is the screen will freeze on the last image you see, there will be a sound stutter, and your computer will require a reboot as it is 100% non responsive. All instructions are based off the Windows 7 operating system.
    (Disclaimer) I take no responsibility for human error and any damage you may incur from the result of this guide
    Update - Jan 11th 2011 DO THIS FIRST - Realtek onboard soundcards causing crashes:
    Try doing this - Under the Microphone settings there is a setting for Noise Suppression and Acoustic Echo Cancellation, turn both of those off. Posted under fixes section by Zerk16 from EA.

    Update: There may be a direct correlation between the freeze and pirated windows see section 1:

    Section 1: There maybe an easier solution so from the OP is a last option where as this is the easier option credit due in part to Turkishpirate. I, like many others here, have used removewat or some other tool to unlock windows 7. I bet the vast majority of people here experiencing this problem are using less-than-oem windows. What he is describing actually makes sense as what that command line does is Windows File Protection. It will scan, remove, and restore windows functionality to its original state with WAT activated and all files that had been changed from default deleted, changed, restored to original setting.
    So here is what I would do if using a less-than-authentic version of windows vista/7.

    1. Remove punkbuster.
    2. Manually re-install the latest version of it.
    3. Remove your sound drivers, restart your computer in safe mode and run driver sweeper to remove all traces.
    4. Reboot to normal operation.
    5. Manually install the latest realtek sound drivers, if your audio solution is onboard and is of the realtek brand of course.
    6. Remove your video drivers (if not current version), restart your computer in safe mode and run driver sweeper to remove all traces.
    7. Restart to normal operation.
    8. Run CMD in Admin mode (Start button - Accessories - Command Prompt - Right click - Run as admin) , and type "sfc /scannow" This will restore windows to a full uncorrupted state. If you are not legit, windows will be returned to trial mode.
    9. Once finished restart your PC, then try BC2 again.
    10. If all is go for at least 2-6 hours of consecutive game time over 2-4 sessions I would consider it fixed.
    11. If you have an unlocked version of Windows you may have to once again unlock it to restore full functionality, updatability, remove trial mode.
    12. The crash may present itself once again after doing so.
    13. Section 2 is now your other option.

    Section 2:
    1. Disable onboard audio in your MoBo (motherboard) Settings, this is most prominent with REALTEK, however it may also affect SoundMax and other onboard sound providers. You MAY also do this in your - start menu --> control panel ---> hardware and sound ----> device manager ----> sound video and game controllers ---> Realtek HD audio and all other subsequent Realtek entries by right clicking and choosing disable. Whichever is easiest for you, but make sure you reboot after disabling in device manager to clean out your memory. I recommend disabling in Bios first however only if you are comfortable at using Bios.
    2. Remove the sound drivers from your pc and use a simple registry cleaner like CCleaner or my personal favorite Auslogics Boostspeed to remove the traces ( this isn't completely necessary but will do several things avoid conflicts, remove unwanted registry settings, and make extra space )
    3. Install a 3rd party pci, or pci/e sound card ( have not tested USB sound cards should work ) I used my old Audigy 2 plat ex for this, and then upgraded to a SB X-Fi Extreme Gamer, both worked. Anything from the creative Live to X-fi should work, a friend said Turtle Beach worked.
    Steps 1 and 3 are paramount for this to work. This has been tested on 213, onboard audio freezing pc's to 100% success.
    4. Follow the install directions for the drivers per manufacturer FIRST, however be sure to get the right Operating System as well.
    5. Finally enjoy the game headache free (I use that loosely however as you still may get the occasional CTD or connectivity issues lol )
    6. Do a defrag once and a while, You will load the map faster and get that vehicle you want!

    No meu caso eu taca com windows jack sparrow, então fiz o "SFC / scannow" e tá rodando direitinho agora!

    Nos vemos dando tiro por ai!