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    Sep 2015

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    Prr#, não sou de hypar muito esses showcases de VR mas vejam o vídeo e babem. Foi feito em Unreal Engine 4 e nas notícias só está falando que vai sair pra dispositivos VR, mas não deixa claro a plataforma (PS4, PC, etc).

    'Everest VR' will take gamers up a CGI mountain next year

    November 13th 2015 At 11:33pm

    Along with a "mobile supercomputer," NVIDIA dropped off this teaser for Everest VR at its event earlier this week. Made by Sólfar Studios and RVX, it used NVIDIA's GPU to mash up over 300,000 high res pictures of the mountain range to create a 3D mesh and textures that is claimed to be the "definitive" CGI model of Everest. Some of Sólfar's personnel come from CCP where they worked on EVE Online, but this new company is all about creating purely VR experiences, like Everest for PCs and Godling for Playstation VR. I'm not going to climb Everest to find out exactly how realistic the simulation is, but everyone can form their own opinion when the full experience is available next year.

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